Okay, so it’s time you stop cribbing about your postponed wedding plans and start prepping with these awesome monsoon wedding ideas. While the current Coronavirus pandemic is surely not the right time for you to get married, staying demotivated won’t do any good either. So, how about giving a thought to get married in the monsoon?

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Well, while most of you may think that the monsoon weather is not an ideal time to get married, we have got some major monsoon wedding inspirations to share with you. From bridal makeup guide during monsoons to tips to plan a hassle-free monsoon wedding, we have got you covered with everything.

So, while you stay home safe and sound, why not utilize this time to save your wedding Pinterest board with the monsoon wedding ideas already? Well, we bet you gonna love us after scrolling down to these oh so gorgeous and Instagram worthy ideas for monsoon weddings.

Check out these monsoon wedding ideas which are too beautiful to be true!

1. Make A Unique Couple Entry While Holding The Umbrellas!

How cute you guys will look walking down the aisle with cute little umbrellas matching the theme of your outfits sharing some major monsoon wedding ideas.

couple entry ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Also, check out Offbeat Couple Entry Ideas For Wedding Reception.

2. Choose An Indoor Venue Or Opt For Tent Decor Ideas!

After all, you don’t want ANYONE not even the rain to spoil your 7 wedding vows. Alternatively, if you are still picking up wedding lawns or outdoor wedding venues, don’t forget to add teepee tent decor ideas which not only look bohemian but are extremely practical as well.

mandap decor ideas, monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: Altair Decor

tent decor ideas, monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: Altair Decor

tent decor, monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: With Love Noor

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Monsoon Wedding Ideas For Your Guests Which Are Absolutely Pin Worthy!

Well, while you yourself are busy taking the sacred vows, make sure your guests watch the ceremony comfortably with umbrellas by their side. 

P.S. These umbrellas make for an amazing prop to take some gorgeous pictures.

monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: Altair Decor

monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: Altair Decor

4. Monsoon Weddings Are All About Quirking Up The Space With Plenty Of Pastel Drapes!

Floral decor is a big NO when it comes to monsoon weddings. Instead, pick pastel drapes as they make for a perfect ambience and monsoon wedding ideas when it comes to finding the right wedding decorations.

wedding drapes

Image Source: Eventfully Yours Design

monsoon wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Eventfully Yours Design

monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: Eventfully Yours Design

5. Wedding Outfit Fabric Ideas For Your Monsoon Wedding.

With monsoon weddings come humidity in the air. It is advisable to go for breathable and feel-good fabrics like organic cotton, chanderi, cotton silk, pure chiffon and pure georgette. Avoid dense fabrics such as velvet and silk as they can cause irritation to the skin.

P.S. We recommend brides-to-be to opt for comfortable sneakers or juttis instead of heels.

6. How About A Rain Dance Baraat? (You Can Also Organize A Rain Dance Themed Party)

One of the biggest perks of getting married in monsoon is that you can get as crazy as you want. And, while a baraat is all about mad dancing and never ending fun, why not take the fun a notch higher by dancing in the rain as you walk down to the wedding venue? 

P.S. don’t forget to take the umbrellas along in the baraat!

baraat ideasAlso read: Other Tips To Make Your Baraat Super Fun And Memorable.

7. Monsoon Wedding Ideas To Beat The Humid Weather Like A Pro!

Well, go creative with these wedding prop ideas which includes the colorful paper fans. 

P.S. How about following the theme of “Hawa Hawai” just like these bridesmaids did and beat that humid weather in complete style!

monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: Devika Narain & Co.

monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: The House On The Clouds

8. Quirk Up Your Monsoon Wedding With These Ceiling Decor ideas!

How about these pretty hanging umbrellas adding that unique element to your wedding decor?

monsoon wedding ideas, umbrella decor

Image Source: Keisy And Rocky

umbrella decor

Image Source: Pinterest

monsoon wedding ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Monsoon Wedding Ideas For Bridal Makeup!

Humid weather = lots of sweating. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for waterproof makeup at weddings. 

P.S. It’s the best time to try nude bridal makeup to look all flawless and picture ready on your big day.

bridal makeup

Image Source: Simran Takkar

10. Wedding Catering Ideas For Monsoon Weddings

Food is an important aspect of Indian weddings. Give special attention towards your wedding catering making sure that the food served is hygienic and freshly prepared. Also, make sure you make a good balance between the hot and cold beverages served in the wedding.

P.S. Include a special stall for “tea and pakode” which is a great snack combination in rainy season!

wedding catering

Image Source: Devika Narain & Co.

Aren’t these monsoon wedding ideas all OTB and totally worth grazing at? So, what are you waiting for? Plan a monsoon wedding hiring some of the best wedding decorators from the industry.

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