The best part about attending a wedding from the groom’s side is that you get to be a part of his baraat entry. Afterall, be it groom’s friends, sisters or other family members, everyone looks forward to the dance madness at the baraat. With the baraatis matching the beats and energy of dhol and band wale, wedding celebration is just incomplete without the Ladkewale dancing crazily in the baraat on the wedding day. And, while there’s no competition to the classic baraat, how about giving your baraat entry a little twist by incorporating a few elements?

Include these uber easy tips to make your baraat entry fun and memorable for all!

1. A Dhamakedaar Groom Entry! (P.S Say No To Groom Entry On Horse)

With Indian weddings turning all lavish and grand, couples are switching to unconventional wedding ideas and inspirations, one of them being the groom entry ideas. Grooms nowadays are ditching the traditional horses and instead, are choosing to make an entry on different means of transport including a car, bike, yacht or a helicopter. Surprise your Dulhaniya by making a swag wali entry at your wedding venue. Afterall, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge!

baraat entry ideas

Image Source: Dot Dusk

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2. A Baraat Flashmob? Hell, Yes!

Well, though a baraat is all about about coordinating every baraati’s dance steps to make it all royal and eye-catching!

baraat flash mob, baraat entry ideas

Image Source: Weddarazzi Films

baraat flash mob, baraat entry ideas

Image Source: Weddarazzi Films

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3. Add Props In Your Baraat

How about making your baraat pictures Instagramable? Include some fun props like umbrellas, photobooth props, smoke bombs and more to make your baraat entry memorable.

baraat entry

Image Source: I Alam Photo

baraat props

Image Source: Weddarazzi Films

4. Let Your Baraati Squad Coordinate Their Outfits

Let your baraatis coordinate their outfits including safas and stoles and flaunt your stylish baraat! 

baraat entry ideas, coordinated groomsmen

Image Source: I Alam Photo

5. Hire Professional Dancers Or Bhangra Crew

Add a dash of energy to your baraat by hiring professional dancers or artists who will glam up the night with their on point moves. P.S. take a few dance inspirations from them and get those legs grooving!

baraat entry ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Story

professional dancers

Image Source: Israni Photography

6. Arrange Your Car-O-Bar!

A car bar is a must for wedding guests who need an elixir of enthusiasm to replenish their energies and to accompany the groom to the venue with a bang!

car bar

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Trust us, these tips are super easy to include and will make your baraat entry all fun and memorable!

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