For all those Tamilian couples who are getting married, these Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2020 have to be considered for your D-day. The Tamil wedding calendar is popularly known as muhurta naal and your wedding dates should be finalized according to this calendar only.  We have especially made this for you so you can easily plan your wedding. So, don’t wait much and bookmark your dates already.

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Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2020

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So, before you begin your wedding planning, Note Down These Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2020 –

1. Wedding Dates For April –

09th April  – Thursday

17th April – Friday

26th April – Sunday

27th April – Monday

29th April – Wednesday

2. Tamil Wedding Dates In The Month Of May –

04th May – Monday 

06th May – Wednesday

13th May –  Wednesday 

18th May – Monday

24th May – Sunday

27th May – Wednesday 

28th May – Thursday

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3. Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2020 For June – 

01st June – Monday

03rd June – Wednesday

07th June – Sunday

10th June – Wednesday

11th June – Thursday

12th June – Friday 

24th June – Wednesday

tamil marriage dates

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4. Tamil Wedding Dates For July –

02nd July – Thursday

12th July – Sunday

5. Wedding Date For Tamils In The Month Of August –

21st August – Friday

23rd August – Sunday

24th August – Monday

28th August – Friday

30th August – Sunday

31st August – Monday

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6. Wedding Dates For September – 

4th September – Friday    

14th September – Monday     

16th September – Wednesday            

7. Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2020 For October – 

18th October – Sunday

26th October – Monday  

29th October – Thursday

tamilian wedding

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8. November Wedding Dates For Tamil Couples

4th November – Wednesday

6th November – Friday   

11th November – Wednesday

12th November – Thursday

13th November – Friday

20th November – Friday

26th November – Thursday

27th November – Friday

9. Tamil Marriage Calendar 2020 For December 

4th December – Friday

10th December – Thursday

11th December – Friday

So, now that we have shared all the Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2020, it’s time you already start prepping for your big day by booking the best wedding vendors from ShaadiWish. Find your wedding dates and get started with the preparations already.

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