If you are planning to get married next year, we have got the best and the most auspicious wedding dates in 2020 for you. Finalizing wedding dates according to auspicious Hindu marriage dates are considered important in Indian culture from the very beginning. An astrologer or a pandit generally find out auspicious muhurat for the wedding based on the couple’s kundali and their star positions in the solar system.

So, before you begin your wedding planning shenanigans, take note of these auspicious wedding dates in 2020!

Wedding Dates In January 2020

January, being the first month of the year, is considered to be auspicious and brings health, wealth and fortune. Perfect for day weddings and sundowner parties, there are two Fridays and one Monday muhurat in January, making it the ideal dates for a long weekend wedding!!

15 January 2020 (Wednesday) 
16 January 2020 (Thursday) 
17 January 2020 (Friday) 
18 January 2020 (Saturday) 
20 January 2020 (Monday) 
29 January 2020 (Wednesday)
30 January 2020 (Thursday) 
31 January 2020 (Friday)

Wedding Dates In January

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Shubh Muhurats In February 2020

The month of February is perfect to celebrate love and new beginnings. Many millennial couples choose a date from the week preceding Valentine’s Day. This gives them an opportunity to make their anniversary memorable for years to come. 

3 February 2020 (Monday) 
9 February 2020 (Sunday) 
10 February 2020 (Monday) 
11 February 2020 (Tuesday) 
12 February 2020 (Wednesday) 
16 February 2020 (Sunday) 
18 February 2020 (Tuesday) 
25 February 2020 (Tuesday) 
26 February 2020 (Wednesday) 
27 February 2020 (Thursday)

Wedding Dates In March 2020

What can be better than celebrating your pre-wedding festivities together with the festival of colours- Holi? These wedding dates in 2020 are perfect to host your mehendi and haldi ceremonies with a Holi theme. Play around with colours and make your wedding colourful and happening with these March wedding dates.

2 March 2020 (Monday) 
3 March 2020 (Tuesday) 
4 March 2020 (Wednesday) 
8 March 2020 (Sunday) 
11 March 2020 (Wednesday) 
12 March 2020 (Thursday)

Wedding Dates In March

Hindu Wedding Dates In April 2020

April calls for beautiful summer weddings and why not. Also, it is the perfect time to shop for those pretty pastels and flower print lehengas. Also, it is that time of the year when you can plan picturesque destination weddings at the hill stations. Check out all the auspicious wedding dates in 2020 here.

14 April 2020 (Tuesday) 
15 April 2020 (Wednesday) 
25 April 2020 (Saturday) 
26 April 2020 (Sunday)

Hindu Wedding Dates In April 2020

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Wedding Dates In May 2020

The month of May has the highest number of muhurats in the year 2020. Therefore, we recommend you to start booking your venues already. Check these auspicious dates now!

2 May 2020 (Saturday) 
4 May 2020 (Monday) 
5 May 2020 (Tuesday) 
6 May 2020 (Wednesday) 
8 May 2020 (Friday) 
10 May 2020 (Sunday) 
12 May 2020 (Tuesday) 
17 May 2020 (Sunday) 
18 May 2020 (Monday) 
19 May 2020 (Tuesday) 
23 May 2020 (Saturday) 
24 May 2020 (Sunday)

Wedding Muhurats In June 2020

The month of June calls for a perfect wedding celebration with summer vacations going on. With temperatures soaring up, you are only left with two options- either to book an indoor venue or plan a mountain destination wedding. Sounds fun? Well, let’s check out the dates.

9 June 2020 (Tuesday) 
13 June 2020 (Saturday) 
14 June 2020 (Sunday) 
15 June 2020 (Monday) 
25 June 2020 (Thursday) 
26 June 2020 (Friday) 
28 June 2020 (Sunday)

Wedding Muhurats In June 2020

No Auspicious Dates In The Months of July, August, September And October 2020

These four months fall under ‘no saya’ periods offering no wedding dates. However, you will be able to get off-season discounts from the vendors for any date you choose. 

Auspicious Wedding Dates In November 2020

November brings the sizzling wedding industry back to life after a break of four months. It is that time of the year when destination weddings in Goa, Rajasthan and even Thailand are at their peak. While this month sees only two auspicious wedding dates, we recommend you to start looking out for venues because they will all be booked soon!

25th November 2020 (Wednesday)
30th November 2020 (Monday)

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Hindu Wedding Dates In December 2020

If you are someone who has always dreamt of getting married in winters, December should be your pick. Planning your nuptials around Christmas and the holiday vibes would be a wise decision as you can then plan your honeymoon around New Years! What Say?

1 December 2020 (Tuesday) 
7 December 2020 (Monday) 
8 December 2020 (Tuesday) 
9 December 2020 (Wed) 
11 December 2020 (Friday)

Hindu Wedding Dates In December 2020

So, now that we have shared all the auspicious wedding dates in 2020, it’s time you already start prepping for your big day by booking the best wedding vendors timely. 

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