We know how the Coronavirus outbreak has interrupted all your wedding plans and that is why you must book these Tamil wedding dates 2021 immediately. The Tamil wedding calendar is popularly known as ‘muhurtha naal’ and your wedding dates should be finalized according to this calendar only. Though you can still get married at the end of this year but you never know how things might turn out, so it is better to finalize your wedding dates in 2021.

tamil Wedding Dates 2021

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Bookmark These Tamil Wedding Dates 2021 According To The Tamil Calendar –

1. Tamil Muhurtham Dates In January –

17th January – Sunday

18th January – Monday

25th January – Monday

27th January – Wednesday

2. Wedding Dates In The Month Of February

1st February – Monday

 3rd February – Wednesday    

4th February – Thursday

8th February – Monday

15th February – Monday 

 22nd February – Monday

24th February – Wednesday    

25th February – Thursday

3. Tamil Wedding Dates 2021 In March  

3rd March – Wednesday    

10th March – Wednesday 

11th March – Thursday  

15th March – Monday

24th March – Wednesday      

tamilian weddings

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4. Shubha Muhurtham Dates For April

25th April – Sunday

29th April – Thursday

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5. Tamil Muhurtham Dates In May 

9th May – Sunday

14th May – Friday

17th May – Monday

23rd May – Sunday

24th May – Monday

28th May – Friday

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6. Wedding Dates In June 

4th June – Friday

6th June – Sunday  

13th June – Sunday

14th June – Monday

16th June – Wednesday 

18th June – Friday

21st June – Monday 

27th June – Sunday

28th June – Monday   

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tamil wedding dates

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7. Tamil Wedding Dates 2021 In July

1st July – Thursday

4th July – Sunday

7th July – Wednesday

15th July – Thursday

16th July – Friday

8. Tamil Muhurtham Dates In August

20th August – Friday

26th August – Thursday

27th August – Friday

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9. Wedding Dates In The Month Of September

3rd September – Friday

8th September – Wednesday 

9th September – Thursday

10th September – Friday

16th September – Thursday

23rd September – Thursday

24th September – Friday

27th September – Monday

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10. Tamil Wedding Dates For October 2021

8th October – Friday

17th October – Sunday

24th October – Sunday

25th October – Monday

28th October – Thursday

11. Tamil Muhurtham Dates In November

8th November – Monday

10th November – Wednesday

15th November – Monday

21st November – Sunday

22nd November – Monday

24th November – Wednesday

25th November – Thursday

29th November – Monday

12. Shubha Muhurtham Dates For December

2nd December – Thursday

8th December – Wednesday

9th December – Thursday

10th December – Friday

13th December – Monday

tamil Wedding Dates 2021

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So, now that you have got the whole calendar for Tamil wedding dates 2021 right in front of you, what are you waiting for? Get your wedding planning started already and start by booking the best wedding vendors from ShaadiWish. Fret not, 2021 is surely going to be your year and you are going to have a fabulous wedding.

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