The joy and excitement of seeing your best friend getting married is beyond measure. We bet you must have been on cloud nine when you got to know that your BFF is hitched. One person who you trusted and enjoyed your childhood with is all grown up and set to start a new life of her own. You will miss all those moments you spent together specially when both of you were single. You enjoyed the singlehood with each other and now life is about change as your BFF is set to get married. Feels bittersweet does it not? We know how difficult it is to be single at your BFF’s wedding and some things can make it a bit annoying for you.

Here is what exactly happens when you are single at your BFF’s wedding:

1. Her would-be husband is going to grab more attention than you being her bridesmaid!

bff wedding

2. All her relatives and aunties will start bugging you with ‘Aur beta, agla number tumhara’?

best friend's wedding
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3. You will start feeling jealous that your best friend will spend most of the time with her husband now.

funny wedding things

4. Anxiety will start hitting you about how will your husband be and will he do all the cute things your new jiju does?

funny wedding things

5. What if the kalira falls on your head? 

funny wedding things

6. Everyone at the wedding including your squad will start teasing you about her going away from you. 

Indian wedding

7. You might be overloaded with rishtas there and then.

funny thoughts

8. You will be under pressure to dress well without outshining your BFF. 

funny wedding thoughts

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9. You may end up all teary-eyed during the ceremony because who better than you know the love story of the couple! 

wedding thoughts

10. You are going to be her punching bag as she is going to do all the venting out to you! 

best friend's wedding

11. Boys at the wedding will start hitting on you. Which is not annoying btw!

men at wedding

Being single at your BFF’s wedding can be heartbreaking and amazing too. We know we feel you. But, have faith in your friendship and this ship of yours will sail no matter what. Your relationship with your best friend will always be alive. 

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