Wedding favors and accessories are a great way to show your guests that you appreciate their time and effort. Not sure what to gift to your guests? Well, we have found this amazing brand, Kavya Creations which was founded in 2003 by Mumbai-based entrepreneur, Vidhi Maheshwari. What started as a hobby today is a well-known, luxury gift packing business. The brand caters to clientele across the country and offers products that are not only handmade but also of premium quality. From the Ambani wedding to high-end soirees in India and around the globe, the 16-year-old-company has been dedicatedly servicing many happy customers. 

For weddings favors, their vibrant collection comprises colourful, printed pouches, wedding decorations, jewellery boxes, envelopes, coin gifting options, sari covers, trousseau trays and trunks.    For trendy options they offer sling bags. passport covers, sunglass cases, keychains, wallets, photo frames, jar sets, platters and the like. Other accessories of value are their floral jewellery designs, flower and gota jewellery, and flower decoration services for all types of occasions. 

Amongst their exhaustive list of wedding favors and accessories, we’ve cherry-picked our favourite ones:

Mughal Print Indian Wedding Accessories

Majestic and impressive Mughal prints can be seen adorning their tote bags, boxes and wedding invites. These make for perfect mehendi favors—a great way to honour your guests who’ve attended your big day. 

Mughal Collection wedding boxes and invites tote bags,wedding accessories

Peacock T Lights

These too, make for great wedding favors. The Peacock T-Lights are available in a set of two—these can be customized with your initials to go with the wedding invite

Peacock T-Lights,wedding favors

Bridal Makeup Artists

Tropical Theme Passport Covers & Baggage Tags

Having a destination wedding? How about you gist these customized baggage tags for all the special attendees? We bet the guests (and even the bride and groom) would happily use these for years to come. 

Passport Covers & Baggage Tags

Bridal Entry Umbrellas

A bridal entry under a phoolon ki chadar is like no other bridal entry. However, with ever-evolving wedding trends phoolon ki chadar is being replaced by these cute bridal umbrellas. And, we found some great ones at Kavya Creations. 

Bridal Entry Umbrellas,wedding favors Bridal Entry Umbrellas,wedding favors Bridal Entry Umbrellas,wedding favors Bridal Entry Umbrellas,wedding favors


For the uninitiated, Antarpat is cloth which is used as a curtain between the bride and groom in weddings. Take a look at this Radha Krishan Antarpat from Kavya Creations—after all, in weddings, every tiny detail matters. 

Wedding favors and accessories

Colourful Pouches 

These printed pouches can be used for keeping dry fruits or even money, and given to guests at the wedding. Take a look at their cane pouches too, enriched with pom-poms. Every women knows that a pretty pouch like this has infinite uses! 

Colourful Pouches,wedding favors Colourful Pouches,wedding favors

Wedding Invite Hampers

A wedding hamper immediately sets the tone for your wedding. Then why not make it gorgeous? The Kavya Creations hamper includes wedding card, a gift and a jewellery box. These can be customised according to your prefernces 

Wedding Invite Hampers

Trousseau Packaging

A bride is special and needs to feel so. All of her things are nice and beautiful. So why not pack them all like little treasures?

Trousseau packaging

Customized Trousseau Trunks

There’s nothing more important than a trousseau trunk that looks festive and warm. Take a look at these—you might even be tempted to buy one for yourself, to keep as a decor piece for the home.

Trousseau trunks

Customized Jewellery Box

Why not give a nice home to your precious jewellery? These printed boxes are both functional and stylish.

Lotus Coin Box

Aren’t these just exquisite? Because the trend of giving coins in small pouches is passe and these boxes are here to rule. 

Lotus Coin Box

Metal Purses

Gift it to friends, buy one for yourself or add it to the bride’s trousseau. We believe these metal purses are a truly worthwhile investment. 

Metal Purses

Mirror Boxes

The mirror box comes with two candles and a pouch to put the goodies and makes for a perfect wedding favor for your guests.

Mirror Boxes

To see more products, visit

 Address – 8D, Thacker Estate, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (East), Mumbai – 400011

More more such beautiful wedding favors and accessories, click here.

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