Well, your wedding card designs are generally the first impression of how your grand celebration is going to be. And, as it is said that the first impression is the last impression, you don’t really want to go wrong with your invites.

So, ditch the usual traditional invites and give that much-needed limelight to your love story through caricatures and personalized themes to impress your guests with. After all, you only get married once. So, put on those creative shoes as ShaadiWish fairies spoil you with the best of OTB wedding invitations which will take your wedding a notch up and how.

So, get ready to get wowed by some of the trendiest and quirkiest wedding card designs for 2020 weddings. 

1. Wedding Card Designs For Chocolate Lovers!

Cheers to this quirky wedding invitation which comes wrapped up on a chocolate bar. After all, your wedding news is surely incomplete without some sweets! 

Wedding Card Designs

Image Source: kards.in

P.S. ditch the usual mithai ka dabba as your wedding favor already!

2. Recreate A Romantic Flick Through Your Wedding Invite!

And, let’s be honest, we all thought of reminiscing DDLJ and why not!

Wedding Invite

Image Source: That 1 card

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Get Your Caricatures Designed On Your Wedding Card!

Add a personalized touch to your wedding invites by including fun caricatures.  

illustration cards

Image Source: Aditi Basant Illustrations

Wedding Card

Image Source: Bulbul Bhansali Digital Invites

Wedding Card

Image Source: Exotic invites

4. Wedding Card Designs For Book Lovers!

Yes, you read it right! Loving this thoughtful wedding invite with a twist.

Wedding Card Designs Wedding Card Designs

Image Source: create a flutter

5. These Boarding Pass Wedding Invites Are Perfect For Destination Weddings!

Give your guests a reason to stay excited about your wedding.

Wedding Invites

Image Source: Exotic invites

Wedding Invites

Image Source: mostly handmade

6. For Those Perfect Beach Wedding Vibes!

Having a beach wedding? You might wanna amaze your guests with such wedding card designs.

unique wedding invitations

Image Source: Itchha talreja designs

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7. Tickets To Your Wedding? Sounds Like A Plan, Right?

This wedding invitation design is totally winning our hearts for all the right reasons.

wedding invitation

Image Source: Kards.in

8. Who All Want These Mini Wedding Invite Boxes?

How cute are these wedding invites which come packed in little boxes?!

Wedding Invite Boxes

Image Source: framing rainbows

9. Totally Swooning Over These Peacock Themed Wedding Card Designs!

We bet you gonna be head over heels in love with this 3D peacock design at the cover of the invite.


Peacock Themed Wedding Card

Image Source: uttarashah wedding invitations

10. How Gorgeous Is This Wedding Invite Illustration With A Elephant Showering Rose Petals On A Couple!

Isn’t this wedding card design too pacifying to see? Not getting over it anytime soon!

Source: raw invites

11. These Vintage Post Card Themed Wedding Invites Are Too Beautiful To Be Missed!

How about going back to the ancient era through your OTB wedding invites? 

Post Card Themed Wedding Invites Post Card Themed Wedding Invites

Image Source: itchha talreja designs

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12. These Playful Wedding Card Designs Have Are Hearts And How!

How about sending out wedding invites in the form of a crossword puzzle or a board game? 

designs for wedding card

Image Source: Mostly Handmade

designs for wedding card

Image Source: Pink whistle man

13. This Watercolor Wedding Invitation Design Is Too Soothing To Watch At!

Simple yet creative, this one is sure to have that long-lasting effect on your guests!

wedding invitations

Image Source: kards.in

14. How Many Votes For This Cooking Themed Wedding Card Design?

It would be interesting to showcase how love was cooked between you and your BAE!

Cooking Themed Wedding Card

Image Source: Pink whistle man

15. A Wonderful Medley Of Colours And Japanese Elements!

 Such eye-catching wedding card designs always steal our hearts.

wedding cards

Image Source: ozel_design_invitations

16. This Punjabi Dhaba Themed Colourful Wedding Card Is For All The Foodies Out There!

Declare your love for your BAE together with your first love i.e. FOOD to the world with such creative wedding invitation ideas.

Punjabi Dhaba Themed Colourful Wedding Card

Image Source:  Rohan & Aparna designs

17. An Infographic Wedding Invite Depicting Your Love Story!

Well, now that’s what we call a unique and creative wedding card design!

Infographic Wedding Invite

Image Source: Pink whistle man

18. Make Your Own Love And Friends Series With This Super Unique Wedding Invitation Card Design!

Aren’t these wedding card designs too thoughtful and creative to be missed? Well, choose the one which suits your style and love story (of course) and let your wedding festivities begin with a BANG on impression!

Unique Wedding Invitation Card Design

Image Source: Pink whistle man

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