Wedding favors are a great way to express your gratitude and appreciation to your guests, who make your day even special with their warmth and presence. And it can get quite tricky at times while deciding on what wedding favor to gift to your lovely guests. It’s only practical to always impart your guests with some usable and considerate favors. So for winter weddings, we’ve got some thoughtful suggestions that could be used as winter wedding favors.

Save These Brilliant Winter Wedding Favors Ideas That’ll Keep Your Guests Warm-

1. Cozy Blankets As Winter Wedding Favors

Blankets are a great option to give your guests as wedding favors. They make for perfect winter wedding favors. For very obvious reasons, everyone would be glad to have a blanket to wrap themselves in as the evening gets colder. They also look very chic and elegant props as a part of your wedding decor. You can also choose to customize the wedding favors for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Mufflers for the groomsmen and pashmina shawls for the bridesmaids. 

blankets as wedding favors

Keisha’s Wedding

warm shawls for guests

Feathered Arrow

Check out Whistling Yarns for off-beat and unique wedding favors.

2. Comfy Slippers

There’s no doubt that we all love to slip into some soft and comfortable slippers at the end of a long day. And for that very reason, gifting your guests some cozy and comfy slippers can be a great idea. It’s a practical as well as a thoughtful winter wedding favor.

comfy slippers for guests

slippers as wedding favors

Blink Of An Eye Photography 

Gift your bridesmaids these chic wedding favors.

3. Chocolate Baskets

You can never go wrong with chocolates as gift options. As for winter wedding favors, hot chocolate mixtures, and assorted chocolates make for a yummy gift treat. Winters bring a very festive vibe along with them, and everyone loves to indulge in some sweet treats. Items such as cocoa and mocha are very wintery flavors and can be gifted as wedding favors to your guests.

chocolate for winter wedding favors

Fabiana Tardochi

hot chocolate as wedding favors

Elegant Weddings

Check out Grainola for delicious and edible wedding favors.

4. Tea or Coffee Blends As Winter Wedding Favors

The world is divided into tea lovers and coffee lovers, and winters make the hot coffee/tea drinking experience all the more fun. So, for your guests who love tea and coffee, gifting them some great blends can be a great option for winter wedding favors. You can get them packed/wrapped according to your choice with your personalized taste.

Tea blends for wedding guests


coffee blends

Creative Union Design

coffee grounds as wedding favors

HuffPost Weddings

5. Mini Boozy Treats

The great thing about winters is that you get an excellent excuse to have some brandy, rum, or whiskey. Since alcohol warms you up and lets you slip into ease, it serves as a great winter wedding favor option. You can get mini bottles of alcoholic beverages, and even have them customized according to your choice. They’re cute and a great wedding favor in winters.

mini whiskey bottles for wedding gifts

MOD Weddings

alcohol as wedding favors

Wedding Wire

mini champagne bottles

The Knot

We bet your groomsmen will love these cool wedding favors.

6. Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love fragrant scented candles? Scented candles are magical, they calm our senses down and put us in a good mood. And that’s why scented candles can be the perfect winter wedding favors for your guests. The candles will not only bring a lovely scent but add a very wintery-festive vibe as well.

scented candles as winter wedding favors

Personalization Mall

thank you scented candles


Head over to Rhuhee Candles to buy some amazing scented candles

7. Thoughtful Warm Gestures

Keeping in mind the cold winter nights, gloves and socks can be very thoughtful wedding favors. The guests can put them on if they get cold and get to take them home. It’s a great way to spread warmth during the winters and a great wedding favor as well. 

warm socks for wedding guests

gloves as winter wedding favors

Arlet Bridal Couture

8. Personalized Favors For Your Tribe

Whether you’re the groom or the bride, you both have your own team holding down the fort for you two. So, a great way to express your gratitude and love for them would some personalized wedding favors. The groomsmen can be gifted alcohol flasks with their names on them while the bridesmaids can be adorned with cute personalized flasks. After all, they deserve some pampering too.

alcohol flasks for groomsmen

Wedding Forward

customized tumblers for bridesmaids

Pink Posh Co.

Here are some unique ideas for personalized wedding favors for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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