Wedding favors are a  great way of showing appreciation, gratitude, and love to your guests who have traveled from far and near. Showing gratitude should never go out of style and it is important that your favors are meaningful and thoughtful.

Your boys have been there with you through all the crazy times and now they are going to make your wedding one big party to remember. 

Reciprocate your feelings for your groomsmen and, or, bridesmen in such a way that they never forget it and it always reminds them of you. Be a hero at your own wedding by giving them a unique, personalized and remarkable token of your love. 

Wedding favors have always been bridesmaids centric but that is totally a myth, because your groomsmen or bridesmen, too deserve to get the best. Deciding on wedding favors can be a challenge, but fret not with these wedding favors for groomsmen and bridesmen, you will be softer!  

Here’s the list of wedding favors that you can consider and they will be loved and remembered by them for sure! 

1- Minibar In A Jar

Create a mixed bag of all their favorite liquor miniatures and keep them in a jar for your favorite men.

wedding favors

Image Source: Pinterest

2- Hip Flasks

Aren’t these personalized hip flasks the best wedding favors for your groomsmen and bridesmen. These are surely on our fave list!

wedding favorsImage Source: Wedding Lounge

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3- Personalised Cufflinks

Cufflinks are very unique as a wedding favor, even better if you customize them with their initials or names.

bridesmen wedding favors

Image Source: The Cufflink Man

4- Engraved Lighters

We are sure your groomsmen or bridesmen will be thankful enough when you give them these amazing lighters engraved with their name on it.

customized lighters

Image Source: Pinterest

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5- Cocktail Kits

These are very cool and very unique wedding favors and they will surely help in enlightening the mood.cocktail kits

Image Source: Callalita Crafts

groomsmen kit

Image Source: Pinterest

6- Beer Glasses

Let your groomsmen and bridesmen toast in these personalized beer glasses as a reminder for your special day.

wedding favors

Image Source: Pinterest

7- Luggage Tags

These are fabulous wedding favors for destination weddings that will always be cherished.

wedding favors

Image Source: Pinterest

wedding favors

Image Source: Wedding Lounge

8- Whiskey Labels

Choose your groomsmen or bridesmen’s favorite whiskey and personalize the label with their name. A very simple and sweet favor that will always be with you.groomsmen favors

Image Source: Pinterest

Make sure you give your boys the best stuff and that whenever they use, it always reminds them of you. After all, you know exactly how much your friends put into being your groomsmen or bridesmen. They have been there with you through all the wedding nerves and this isn’t the first time these guys have stepped up for you. So without wasting any time start prepping and shower them with love.

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