As wedding bells chime and love takes center stage, the anticipation for wedding season 2023 is reaching its peak. For brides-to-be, the journey from engagement to the aisle is a thrilling adventure marked by countless decisions and meticulous planning. To ensure that your special day is nothing short of magical, we have gathered a treasure trove of piping hot bridal tips that are destined to come handy this wedding season 2023. From fashion hacks to beauty tips, we have some innovative bridal tips to make your wedding day a breeze.

Check Out These Bridal Tips That Are Sure To Come In Handy As You Gear Up For Wedding Season 2023:

1. Bridal Tip: Fashion Tapes Are Your BFFs!

Be it to secure off-shoulder blouses, deep plunging necklines, or to hold a delicate strap in place, a fashion tape comes in handy. You can find these double-sided fashion tapes easily online or in the market. They are not only highly effective but thanks to its transparency, they can be discreet while securing your clothes. These tapes make sure that your chosen neckline or strap stays in place throughout the event while avoiding any fashion mishap.

Piping Hot Bridal Tips For Wedding Season 2023

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2. Craft Your DIY Bridal Emergency Kit For Wedding Season 2023

No matter how meticulously you have planned your wedding day, there is always a tiny scope of things going wrong. So, just to be sure, keep a bridal emergency kit handy! This kit should include safety pins, tissues, hair ties, bobby pins, a mini sewing kit, stain removers, wet wipes, backup lipstick, lip balm, a tiny mirror, a straw, a clear nail polish, along with some pain-relieving medicines. Trust us, this kit can be a lifesaver for any last-minute issues that may arise on your important day.

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3. Secure Your Maangtika & Bindi With These Foolproof Ways

We hate it when maangtikas just don’t stay in place! Even Bindis often fall off when you sweat due to makeup and you need to keep reapplying it. But there are a couple of foolproof ways that help in securing your maangtika and bindi to be in place. To start with, you can use the fashion tape to secure maangtikas on your forehead. And eyelash glue can be used for bindis as their adhesive ability can secure your bindi from falling off.

4. Bridal Tip: Ditch Blushes For Tints & Beetroot Juice Balms

For pre-wedding functions, you can go light on the makeup as the D-day will be all about it. While going light does not mean ditching it altogether! Instead of the usual blush, you can try using beetroot juice or skin-friendly tints for a natural rosy flush. It’s a chemical-free, budget-friendly alternative to traditional blush and stays in place for a long time. This also blends easily and gives you a fresh and natural look.

Piping Hot Bridal Tips For Wedding Season 2023

5. Secure Your Dupatta With Hair Extension Clips & Comb Clips

Securing the head dupatta is a common challenge that most brides and their draping stylists face. Safety pins and bobby pins are the mostly used to keep the dupatta in place. However, bobby pins tug at the roots of your hair while safety pins can harm you quite seriously if they open. So, to keep your dupatta in place, use hair extension clips or comb clips discreetly underneath. These clips provide a secure hold and won’t damage your hair or the cloth fabric.

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6. Bridal Tips Worth Remembering: Numbing Creams For Your Earlobes

Love donning heavy dangles or chaandbalis, but cannot bear the pain it causes to ears? Then a mini tube of numbing cream will come in handy! Mark this bridal tip for wedding season add it to your bridal kit. This cream numbs your earlobes, thus preventing discomfort from prolonged wear. It can make the day more comfortable, especially if you’re planning to wear earrings for an extended period.

7. Prevent Holes In Delicate Fabrics With Band-Aids

A band-aid can come in handy when it comes to saving rip and tear for delicate and expensive fabrics. This is one such bridal tip for the wedding season 2023 that you need to remember. Cut and place a small band-aid on the inside of your dress or blouse where it may come in contact with a safety pin, to prevent damage.

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8. All About Happy & Comfortable Feet For Wedding Season 2023

Amongst all other bridal tips, this one is such that most brides forget about. Make sure that your bridal footwear that you intend to wear during long ceremonies and celebrations are comfortable. If they fit well but aren’t the comfy, then consider using silicone shoe inserts or gel cushions. These not only provide extra cushioning, but also support your feet and reduce discomfort of high heels.

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