There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to personalizing your wedding day. Your day can be your way! This is especially true when it comes to including or honoring a deceased loved one on your wedding day. There’s no ‘right’ way to acknowledge a much-loved family member, relative, or even a friend who is no longer with you. Though it proves too painful to do so – this is your day and it is imperative that you do what feels right for you. Focus on the wonderful memories and unique things you love about them throughout the wedding planning process. Whether you want to privately or publicly pay tribute to a loved one who’s passed away, these endearing ways will ensure that their presence is felt on your wedding day.

Here Are Some Of The Most Adorable And Endearing Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones At Your Wedding:

1.     Mention Them In Your Wedding Invite

To begin with, start by adding your loved one’s name in your wedding invite. Whether indicated as a member of the wedding hosts or acknowledged in a citation at the end of the wedding invite, incorporating a dedication to a passed loved one is a simple, meaningful way to let your guests know that they will be a part of the day in spirit. This can also be a lovely way to include them if mentioning them aloud is too upsetting.

2.     Reserve A Seat For Them At The Ceremony

Reserving a seat in their name at the time of wedding is a symbolic way to show your love for the loved one who is there with you in the spirits. You could place a flower or photo on an empty seat or alternatively an item that makes you think of them. perhaps one of their belongings that they used to wear or carry all the time.

Endearing Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones At Your Wedding
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3.     Wear Something From Their Personal Collection

The entire importance of heirloom pieces comes down to this. On your wedding day, wear something that they gifted you or that they treasured. It can be heirloom jewellery or even a watch, or a locket that belonged to the. Many jewellers also specialize in creating bespoke pieces using diamonds, gems or metal passed onto clients from loved ones or down the generations. This will help you feel as if their blessings are there with you on the biggest day of your life.

Endearing Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones At Your Wedding

4.     Incorporate Their Favorite Sweet In The Menu

Indian weddings are surely about sweets and food. This is one amazing way where you can incorporate the passed loved ones something favorite and honor them with it. Be it a ladoo or some other sweet that they loved.

5.     Make Your Varmala With Their Favorite Flowers

Weaving in your deceased loved ones favorite flowers on your D-day is a great way to honor and pay them respect. If they are either of your parents, then one of the best things to do is to make your varmalas in these flowers. This way, during one of the core ceremonies where you would want them to be with you, you have something that represents them.

Endearing Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones At Your Wedding

6.     Sew Their Memory Into A Dress Or Suit

This is one of the most heart-touching ways to honor and include the passed loved one on your wedding day. Be it a piece of their shawl, their suit, their dupatta, or lehenga; get it sewn on your wedding day outfit and carry your something special with you. You can also get one of their letters inscribed on a piece of cloth and get it sewn onto your outfit. In fact, you can get their monogram embroidered on your dupatta or wedding veil.

Endearing Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones At Your Wedding

7.     Play ‘Their’ Song

Everyone has a song, be it a favourite one or something that has too many wonderful memories that tag along with it. Make sure you include their favorite song on your wedding day. Be it while you walk down the aisle, or for your bridal entry, or say a few lines of that song as you raise a toast. If the song is a peppy one, you can even dance to it at your sangeet and make sure you do it joyfully as they would have cherished seeing you dance to ‘their’ song.

8.     Raise A Toast In Their Honor

Whether you opt for a drink that your deceased loved one liked, or picking something that you like, make sure to raise a toast in their name. This way, you are cherishing their memories and paying them respect on your D-day.

Endearing Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones At Your Wedding
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9.     Add A Memory Table For Your Passed Loved One

Decorating a memory table with joyful photos, flowers and keepsakes of your passed loved one allows both you and your guests to appreciate a dearly departed member. Reserving a space just for them means that you can demonstrate just how special they are and were to you without you needing to explicitly say anything. Also, you can drop by with a glass of champagne whenever you fancy and remember happy times while celebrating a seriously momentous occasion.

Endearing Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones At Your Wedding

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