Today, being inventive is the way to bring liveliness and refreshment to any activity, and the same applies to how you plan your wedding day. The typical methods are wonderful, but if you add a twist to them, the entire day becomes different and special to everyone.

How To Introduce Refreshing Elements Into Your Wedding With A Creative Touch

The joyfulness and color that abound in an Indian wedding are indescribable. Everyone who is attending the wedding dresses to their best, while the bride and groom are elaborately adorned in the best clothing, jewelry, and makeup. Indian wedding invitations reflect this lovely mood with the latest designs, color schemes, and lovely wordings. Bring a little flamboyance and fanciness to your Indian wedding by opting for ideas that are unique and interesting. Here is a look at what you can try out –

1. Dramatic Entrance

Make your entrance dramatic, because this will surely surprise people. There are a lot of ideas on this, such as using a palki, coming inside with some dance moves, or having smoke bombs played in the backdrop.

2. Not-So-Traditional Menu Options

Don’t stick to the traditional menu; instead, look into items that are now popular with people. Brainstorm on this with members of the family so that people are surprised and elevated by dishes and savories that are tasty, aromatic, spicy, and delicious like never before.

10 Creative Ideas to Add a Touch of Uniqueness to Your Indian Wedding

3. Offbeat Color Palette

How about choosing your attire in a very unusual color? It would be such a surprise for everyone, and you will look your very best. For example, a lehenga or saree in pink and gray, violet and red, or perhaps orange and light blue is quite different and is sure to make a fashion statement.

10 Creative Ideas to Add a Touch of Uniqueness to Your Indian Wedding

4. Phoolon Ki Haldi

The Haldi ceremony usually just has the bride and groom smeared with turmeric paste. How about making this ritual more special and wonderful by bringing a flower shower into it? Yes, having a lot of flowers showered upon the bride and groom brings their fragrance, will make people laugh, and will also add lots of color to this traditional event.

5. Quirky Food & Beverages

Menus for drinks and snacks can be done with a creative hand. How about putting in some quirky names for a lime soda or a mocktail, or a samosa that has paneer? People like to read the items even more and will be extremely curious to get them for drinking or eating.

6. DIY Decor All The Way

Skip the usual wedding décor ideas and find something that’s really unique and different, perhaps a bit of a DIY, so that the look of the wedding is outstanding. As people come inside, they should be surprised at flowers, décor items, maybe a small statue, confetti, balloons with cartoon faces etc.

10 Creative Ideas to Add a Touch of Uniqueness to Your Indian Wedding

7. Chandeliers & All That Jazz

Today, you can find a huge variety of ceiling décor lights that will transform a bland ceiling area into one that is beautifully lit. Get an array of unusual lighting such as imitation chandeliers, fairy lights and other similar items and have them hung up innovatively to make the place look different and new.

10 Creative Ideas to Add a Touch of Uniqueness to Your Indian Wedding

8. Wedding Favors

Add a twist to your wedding favor and drop the typical items that are usually given away. How about some homemade chocolates along with a nice gift? Potli bags are yet another good option. A box of assorted items like small perfumes, a kumkum box, and beautiful bangles will be quite a surprise.

9. Add A Fun Photobooth

Now many people set up photo booths, but you can make yours really different by giving it a new, innovative, refreshing look. have the setup include some movie or cartoon character else a weird artwork as the backdrop so that the photos come out looking beautiful.

10 Creative Ideas to Add a Touch of Uniqueness to Your Indian Wedding

10. Blessings Station

Get a blessing station up where people can write out their blessings for you on colored paper that can be tied to it by a string. People can get really innovative when they see something like this and they will write out their blessings in beautiful words that you can later read.

10 Creative Ideas to Add a Touch of Uniqueness to Your Indian Wedding

Indian weddings have many auspicious events which are attended and participated by family members and friends. The elaborate preparations go to show how much people want pomp and pageantry in this event. Indian wedding invitations are quite fantastically designed with different types of paper and print work infused to give them a grand look. Be creative in planning your memorable wedding day by introducing new, surprise elements such as a DJ Request Box or perhaps a story board that has photos of how you both met, got to know each other, and decided to finally get married.

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