The dating terms these days are a whole new ballgame! The Gen-Z have coined their modern dating terms in a way only they might understand and the boomers or millennials may have to brainstorm to understand these dating terms and their meaning. But why fret when ShaadiWish is here? We have these 10 dating terms that most of the Gen-Z are using and here’s what they mean.

The Gen-Z Most Commonly Use These 10 Dating Terms, Know All About What They Mean And How They Are Used:

Beige Flags

We are all aware of red flags and green flags, but do you know there’s a new dating term coined as – beige flags? Well, they indicate that the person is less toxic but equally annoying as a red flag can be. In short, it indicates that the person does not really have a personality on social dating apps and is quite boring in real life.

Wifed Up

Wifed up is not a term that most Gen-Z men use commonly. The term ‘Wifed Up’ means that the man is 100% committed to his partner and he keeps her at the top of his priority list. No matter what social event or plans with his boy gang, the man will ditch it all to hang out with his partner.

10 Dating Terms Coined By Gen-Z & Here’s What They Mean

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Situationship is a very common thing in modern dating times. It basically means when you have strong emotions toward each other and even spend a lot of time together but still don’t call each other boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a situationship where the talk of ‘where is this going’ or ‘what are we’ does not happen and you both simply go with the flow.  

Soft Launching

Soft launching is just as it sounds! But here in the context of modern dating terms, it means soft launching your partner. Soft launching your partner is an orchestrated social media game where you post sneak-peek pictures of carefully introducing your partner to the world. For example, you start by posting coffee date pictures, without tagging your partner or partner’s face.  Giving subtle hints that you are dating by posting love quotes or writing about how you have found someone who makes you feel special, are some ways of soft launching.

10 Dating Terms Coined By Gen-Z & Here’s What They Mean

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Ghosting is a popular dating term that the Gen-Z has basically stolen from the millennials. This term means that the significant other simply cuts off all communication abruptly and without a warning. They could be sharing the best rapport with you today, and might just vanish tomorrow and not text or call you for days, or even weeks.


On the contrary to ghosting, this dating term Zombie-ing is when a person who ghosted you previously comes back out of nowhere as if nothing happened! Basically, the ghost just pops back unannounced into your life like a zombie! It is clearly a red flag and just like in a real apocalypse, we want to stay as far away from them as possible.

10 Dating Terms Coined By Gen-Z & Here’s What They Mean

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Woke Fishing

It is an upgraded version of the term ‘catfishing’. Catfishing was changing facts when it comes to age, height, income, and things that don’t necessarily translate into the kind of partner they’ll be or what they believe. However, wokefishing means you are changing details about your core beliefs and character, which is far more misleading.

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Cuffing Season

Everyone who is single feels lonely around the holiday season just around the new year, isn’t it? Well, cuffing season is exactly when people feel lonely around the holidays and look for someone to not feel lonely on special days. Usually, even the winter season is called a ‘cuffing season’ as Gen-Z refer to it as – the temperature drops, so will your standards. According to modern dating terms, you feel the loneliest during the cold season because you want someone to cuddle with. This is when you settle for or (hand)cuff yourself with any partner just to stay warm.

10 Dating Terms Coined By Gen-Z & Here’s What They Mean


You have to give it up for the Gen-Z for coming up with some crazy terms! Roaching is something that most millennials associate with cockroaches, but Gen-Z took the ‘lurking like roaches’ up a notch. They refer it to a situation when people are seeing or sleeping around with more than one person and being secretive about it.


Eclipsing is a term that most of the Gen-Z use to establish an annoying situation when a friend who starts dating someone new and instantly adopts all the hobbies and interests of their current partner.

10 Dating Terms Coined By Gen-Z & Here’s What They Mean

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