We know dating is tricky! Moreover, with GenZ taking on the world with their modern dating concepts, we are sure you have stumbled upon the term ‘speed dating’. But, have you wondered what speed dating actually means? Well, it is just as the name goes by, quick 5-minute dates. The best part about speed dating is that you are under no obligation to stretch a date if you are not feeling a connection! So, to enlighten you more on the same, ShaadiWish is here at your service.

What Is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is a modern world concept of quick dating. Firstly, you have to register for a speed dating event that is happening in your city. Then, you are given a few minutes, typically 5 to 8 minutes, to speak with your date. After which you all change spots to talk to someone else. This helps the participant meet a larger number of people in a short duration of time. 

It typically is a social activity in which people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is mutual interest.

How Does Speed Dating Work?

People are rotated to meet each other over a series of short ‘dates’ typically lasting from three to eight minutes depending on the organization running the event. At the end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell, clinks a glass, or blows a whistle to signal the participants to move on to the next date

Here’s Your Quick Guide On Everything You Need To Know About Speed Dating In The GenZ World:

Know What You Are Looking For

Before signing up, know exactly what kind of partner or relationship you want. Take your time to figure out if you simply want to date, want to hang out and go with the flow or simply trying it out for experiment. It is always better to know exactly what you want out of a speed dating event.

Everything You Need To Know About Speed Dating In This Modern World

Don’t Get Frustrated

As this concept might be new for you, it is best to keep your calm. Keep your expectations low and give each one a fair chance. Although, chances are you won’t click with people right away and speed dating is in fact, a journey that might not end the way you had hoped. So, keep an open mind once you sign up for this and see if things click.

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Don’t Take Things To Heart

Speed dating is nothing like regular dates. So there are equal chances of you getting rejected and that’s ok too! People usually avoid it for the sole reason of facing and instant rejection. But remember, in 5-minutes, not all vibes match, not everyone clicks! Don’t take things to heart and remember nothing is personal.

Everything You Need To Know About Speed Dating In This Modern World

Keep Ice Breaker Ready

Here comes the toughest part of speed dating – asking questions and being quick about it! You need to come up with the most quirky, fun questions to break the tension and ease down the process so that your 5-minutes are worthwhile.

Avoid Dull Questions

When it comes to speed dating, the most important thing is keeping your mind open. Don’t treat it like a work interview! Avoid dull questions like, ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ Instead ask fun questions about their likes and dislikes, hobbies, passions. Ask questions like – what’s the craziest thing they have done, one place that they have no interest in travelling to and so on.

Everything You Need To Know About Speed Dating In This Modern World

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Keep It Real

You get limited time, so don’t try to pretend to be someone you are not. Speed dating is about picking a person who is right for you, matches your vibe. Sure, it sounds tempting to act differently for a short while, but that’s not right.

POV Of Speed Dating

During a speed dating event, all you’ll get is 5 minutes or less so make them count. You need to focus on the person, knowing them in the quickest way possible, keep a vibe check! Never focus on the impression you are making and this will help you to keep the conversation flowing. 

Everything You Need To Know About Speed Dating In This Modern World


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