As we step into a new year, it’s time to keep yourself updated with the latest and popular wedding trends of 2022. Ever since the pandemic hit the world had a mini reboot to get back on track. And like every other industry the wedding industry faced a lot of challenges as well. But we got back on our feet and new trends came that we all welcomed wholeheartedly. The weddings became more personal and much easier to plan than ever before. Having virtual appointments with the vendors and making the impossible happen was a hurdle that we all crossed together. Let’s see what 2022 has in store for us!

Bookmark These Popular Wedding Trends That Are Set To Rule 2022 Weddings

1. More Minimonies Or Intimate Weddings

While we’ve all dearly enjoyed the big fat Indian weddings with loud music and huge gatherings, intimate weddings are here to stay. Many couples including celebrities have adapted to the intimate and small wedding traditions. The pandemic gave us all a reality check and how important it is to share love and time with your dear ones instead of focusing on the noise. And the pandemic is far from over, minimonies are the way to make big moves.

intimate weddings

Amrit Photography

couple portrait

Studio Kelly Photography

Learn tips and tricks to plan and host intimate weddings.

2. Planning Weddings Virtually

Earlier, the wedding planning process would take up most if not all of your time. But that’s all in the past! With virtual appointments via online video conferencing, one can plan their wedding much faster. People are loving the time-saving and cost-effective aspect of online wedding planning. Online platforms like ShaadiWish can give you a list of vendors in your city with just a click. We’re sure that planning a wedding online will soon be a common practice. 

3. E-Invites & Save-The-Dates!

Remember the days when you’d have to post an invitation to your guests that would cause unnecessary stress and delay? Neither do we! Ever since e-invites and virtual save-the-dates made their way into our lives, things have changed. Apart from saving money on stationery, printing and mailing by post, it has also become an easier and quicker way to send out invitations. Couples can simply create a personalized website for their guests to RSVP easily. No longer waiting for days/weeks to get your invitations or RSVPs anymore!

Explore e-invites vendors for your 2022 wedding invitations.

4. Themed Weddings

The welcome lunch/dinners and reception parties are the most fun since there aren’t any traditions to follow. And couples are loving a themed wedding party for their pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao’s wedding function had an all-white ensemble party and a pyjama party. Some couples have had functions such as neon parties or disco nights as their pre-wedding themes. We’re loving this trend and can’t wait to see more of it in the near future. 

rajkummar rao engagement

Rajkummar Rao

Read all about this couple’s Harry Potter-themed cocktail party in Chandigarh.

5. Mehendi Trends For 2022

Bridal mehendi trends are ever-changing. It is also a very personal choice depending on the bride. But for those who love to keep up with the latest trends, here are mehendi trends you need to look out for. Elaborate and full-arm mehendi designs are what seems to be catching brides’ eyes. We’ve seen a lot of brides going all the way with their unique and personalized mehendi designs.

bridal mehendi design

Gian Dhalimarta

mehendi design idea

Kunal Khurana Photography

Here are different ways to personalize your mehendi designs.

Popular Wedding Trends For 2022 Weddings

6. More Destination Weddings

With the limited guest list and mandatory vaccinations, destination weddings will become more affordable and popular. Earlier people would stick to their home towns or cities to avoid the travelling expense in their wedding budget. But with more intimate weddings and vaccination reports, people are actually opting for destination weddings to have a safe and enjoyable wedding celebration. 

While international travel might be a long shot, there are a number of breathtaking hill stations in India that are perfect for destination weddings. Hill stations are perfect to get a break from the bustle of city life as well as for scenic views.

modern wedding trends

The House On The Clouds

Save these tips to plan a destination wedding in Shimla.

7. Bridal Jewellery Designs

While intimate weddings are here to stay, we noticed brides embracing the OTT and maximalist jewellery designs for their weddings. Traditional and heavy jewellery has made a comeback in style. Modern brides are welcoming the vintage aesthetics of heavy jewellery with open arms, and we’re loving it!

heavy bridal nath

Mehar Photography

bridal jewellery design

Plush Affairs

Take note of the most gorgeous jewellery designs from 2021 weddings.

8. Popular Wedding Trends

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of stunning and creative floral wedding decor. And it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the end of floral decorations at weddings. From floral backdrops to hanging installations, colourful flowers will continue to brighten up weddings in 2022. 

floral decor ideas

The Doli Diary

Steal inspiration from these gorgeous floral backdrop decor for your wedding.

9. Safety First!

Health safety is of the utmost importance in today’s day and age. Especially with wedding celebrations, no one wants to put anyone at risk. So, a mandatory negative RT-PCR test and double vaccination report have become a thumb rule for the guests to attend the wedding. Installing sanitization stalls and using face masks have become quite the norm at weddings. People have become more aware of hygiene and health safety issues. 

10. Pastels All The Way

One thing is for sure and that’s the love of pastel wedding outfits. Couples are still loving the trend of muted pastel tones when it comes to their wedding outfits. Many couples are even choosing to wear matching and coordinated ensembles for their wedding. The great thing about pastel outfits is that they are easy on the eyes and perfect for intimate celebrations.

matching couple outfits

Cupido Wedding Films

modern wedding trends 2022

Shradha Luthra

Bookmark these classy pastel outfits for grooms.

10. Wedding Cakes Are Back!

We did see cupcakes and doughnuts overtake our beloved multi-tiered wedding cakes in the past. But looks like nothing can beat the magic and beauty of a gorgeous wedding cake. Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif’s wedding cake was a vision to behold and we can only imagine how yummy it would’ve tasted. From chandelier cakes to good ol’ multi-tiered cakes, there are a lot more cakes to come in 2022. 

wedding cake design

Caramel Patisserie Delhi

Don’t miss out on ShaadiWish approved wedding planners to plan your dream wedding. 

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