We are all aware of the fact that Shimla is the Summer Capital of India and it definitely makes an ideal choice for a summer wedding. Getting married in a hill station is a fairytale experience itself where the lush green trees, breathtaking mountains and alluring landscape become a part of your forever. 

Far away from the noise of metropolitan life and tying the knot in the lap of nature amidst oaks and pines is something the couple and their guests will always remember. But planning a destination wedding in Shimla isn’t that easy and smooth as it sounds, there are a lot of factors that you must consider while planning your destination wedding. 

Fret not, we are here with a guide on how to host a budget destination wedding in Shimla. So, make sure you note down all the points and get ready for your magical moments.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning A Destination Wedding In Shimla-

1. Climate

The climate in Shimla is lovely for a spring and summer wedding. The spring season lasts from mid-March to April and the summer season lasts from May to June. It is advisable to not host weddings from July to September because of heavy rainfalls with landslides. 

2. Cost Of Destination Wedding In Shimla

Planning a destination wedding in Shimla is cost-effective as compared to other hill station venues. This mesmerizing town has one of the oldest properties in India that suit most tastes and pockets. Some of the wedding venues that you can consider are Taj Theog Resort & Spa, The Oberoi Cecil, Woodville Palace, Hotel Willow Banks, and many more. 

destination wedding in shimla

Image Source: The Wedding Story

Wedding venue

Image Source: Taj Theog Resort

In case you’re looking for some other hill stations in India for your intimate destination wedding.

3. Connectivity

It’s important to consider a place that is easily accessible and it’s not tiring for the guests to travel. Shimla is well connected via road, rail and flight. You can fly to Chandigarh and from there it’s not that far.

4. Plan a Wedding in Shimla Yourself

Well, some wedding venues in Shimla also provide for low-budget destination weddings in India. So you can definitely plan your wedding yourself in your fixed budget or if you want a large-scale and grand wedding celebration you can hire a wedding planner and ease off your stress.

plan a destination wedding in shimla

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Wedding Decorators

Image Source: Sona Sachdeva Photography

5. Pre-Wedding Shoot

Apart from your wedding, you can also plan your pre-wedding shoot in this magical city with picturesque locations in the backdrop.

pre wedding shoot in shimla

Image Source:  My Vision

6. Try Hiring Local Vendors

As per our recommendation, it is a wise decision to hire local vendors. If you think of having vendors from other towns, keep in mind that you will have to pay for their travel and stay charges as well.

7. Create A Wedding Website

Create a wedding website will be helpful to you and you can mention all the details like time of the functions, maps and every minute of the details for your guests. 

We at ShaadiWish are happy to assist you with the same. To create yours!

create wedding website

We hope these tips will help you to plan your destination wedding in Shimla. So gear up because the mountains of Shimla are calling you and you must go.

Don’t miss out on ShaadiWish approved wedding planners for your dream wedding planning.

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