When it comes to the wedding videos, a glowing and happy couple always wants to capture all the warmest feelings they have in various videos and photos. For sure, a video shoot is essential when capturing the love stories, engagement, wedding, reception, and vows. Like a special time machine, it can take you back to those intimate moments and feel them again after a long time. The mystery of wedding videos is being able to recover the exact feelings you’ve experienced years, or even decades ago. 

That is why nearly any couple dreams about the majestic wedding videos they can enjoy for the rest of their married life, full of love and happiness. In this wedding video guide, we’ll go deeper into the various sorts of wedding videos, as well as provide you with some great ideas and useful tips for making the most stunning videos for any part of the wedding process.

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Best Wedding Video Ideas to Try

It often happens that the groom and bride are not certain about what exactly they want to capture in their wedding videos, they simply want the video that could capture all the love and tenderness they feel for each other. In this case, it’s essential for the videomaker to propose different shooting concepts to get the idea of their story and make a perfect video for the wedding.    

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Proposal Videos

This type of video usually implies the story of proposal and engagement. Some couples prefer filming the intimate parts of the proposal where the ring is worn, but others also make a surprise for their partner to capture all the initial emotions of the proposal!

Wedding proposal

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Such videos can be later shared on social media or as a slideshow specifically for the wedding ceremony. 

Video Invitations for Wedding

If your couple wants to make an unusual yet memorable wedding invitation that won’t seem too trivial, then you can offer them a video invitation instead! Unlike the old-fashioned paper invitations, these are more versatile, can be easily customized due to the wedding themes and colors, and are sure to express much more live emotions than hand-written cards that will be thrown away after a while. 

Wedding invitation

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Additionally, after the pandemic outbreak that can be a great alternative to an offline invitation, which always takes lots of time and effort. 

Love Stories: How It All Started

Nearly all couples want to have their love story captured in a wedding video. The great thing about these videos is that you can share the funniest, warmest and cutest moments of your relationship, the reasons you fell in love, and what qualities you really appreciate in your future husband or wife. 

Putting through a detailed story of two, with shooting the way they look at each other, those tight hugs and how they care about each other can become a wonderful punch line of any wedding. 

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Wedding Ceremony Slideshow

However, you can always think bigger and combine all the ideas above into a small film of how a new family was born. Starting from the story of how they met each other, the development of their relationship, the best qualities they love about each other, and the plans they’re going to build together in the future – all those moments captured can be combined for creating the romantic film of two. And, with the right editing touches, this will certainly turn out into a true masterpiece.  

Video Booth for Wedding

It’s not only the bride and groom who can participate in wedding videos. If your couple wants to capture the emotions of the closest people that have witnessed their love, then offer to create the video booth. Just like a photo booth, this is a great option for filming the greetings, wishes, and funny moments your guests want to share on this day. 

If your newlyweds don’t want to use the videos, you can still make use of the photo booth by creating a slideshow of the most favorite photos and combining it into a short video. Later it can become a memorable thing about the wedding, or even be shared on social media!

Wedding Vows 

The additional great idea for a wedding video is to shoot the vows the bride and groom say to each other. Such an intimate, romantic, and faithful way of expressing the feelings of the lovers can become the exact moment the newlyweds want to always keep in their memories. 

wedding vows

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Honeymoon Videos

What happens after the wedding is over? Of course, honeymoon! And this can also be a wonderful idea for a post-wedding video, where the loved ones can finally feel them as a single unit and, for instance, introduce the funny moments or unexpected changes they have experienced after they moved in together or flew abroad for a romantic vacation for two.    

honeymoon video

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Things to Consider When Making the Wedding Video

Along with the main types of wedding videos, here are some great tips to use in the process of their creating:

  • Create a video portfolio that can be used for showing the various types of wedding shoots to your clients. This way, you can show not only your creativity and professional qualities but also present your best video editing skills.
  • Make a few video templates to enhance the video-making process and optimize the time for editing videos.
  • Experiment with different editing techniques: add filters to videos, try new cuts or transitions, use some stunning visual effects and the client’s favorite music as a background.
  • Don’t stick to one type of video software. It’s also significantly important to enhance your skills and knowledge by testing the different sorts of editing software, like Magisto, InVideo, VideoStudio Ultimate 2021, PowerDirector, and more. This will not only help you to broaden your horizons but also develop yourself by working with other video editing software.
  • Always create a story before starting the wedding shot and try to maintain it when preparing the finalized video. That trick will help to make it more catching and full of hidden senses and true emotions.

Use this list as a starting point and feel free to add your own hacks when starting to develop unique video editing techniques further!


Now that you know the most popular yet unusual sorts of wedding videos for the shoot and what aspects to pay attention to when creating the stunning videos for newly-wed couples. After the theory is fully nailed, it’s time to switch to practice to enhance your skills in this scope. 

Turn on all your creativity and inspiration, and get ready to capture the new story of love today!

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