The change in wedding trends due to the pandemic has been tremendous. People have faced the need to give up their habits, sacrifice their plans, and postpone their arrangements for better days. Already engaged couples have become really creative to manage to celebrate their weddings and claim their relationships not violating restrictions and having fun with their dearest no matter what. 

Review the latest change in wedding trends and ideas that the second Covid wave has brought and benefit from them to implement your own plans with no limits – 

1. Safety Measures

Within the world’s pandemic conditions and strict regulations, couples are primarily concerned about health and safety measures. Taking into account that most soon-to-be-married people decide not to postpone or cancel their love events, they need to be caring and inventive when it comes to their own and their guests’ safety.

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From kind reminders about social distance here and there, glows as a dress code, and personal sanitizers and matching masks handed around, couples are finding great ways to celebrate their weddings in the least dangerous way possible.

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2. Format Changes

Masks and personal sanitizers are just minor measures the couples need to take. In fact, wedding ceremony and reception formats have to be altered drastically for the sake of safety precautions and governmental regulations. Here are the things to be considered:

  • No buffets – Instead of self-serving buffet tables and crowds around, people now opt for plated meals. Still, if couples select buffet formats, the food is commonly available at several small separate islands with caterers to help the guests. 
  • Open-air events -Most events are held in the open-air format these days to let people spread around with no need to be confined with other guests in the venue. 
  • Shorter ceremony – Ceremonies are also shorter due to safety reasons and distance precautions are taken as well. This means that guests either stand during the ceremony deciding the distance they want to stick to or sit on the chairs placed at a necessary distance from each other.
  • Altered guest reception – Guest reception is usually held outside and deprived of any touches due to safety measures. Hugs and handshakes are replaced with respectful bows or some funny welcoming gestures depending on the cultural peculiarities and preferences of the couple. 

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3. Covid-Style Change In Wedding Trends

Not only the minor details are altered and safety measures, in general, are taken, but the whole event can be adjusted to fit anti-pandemics requirements and personal visions of the top happiest but safe day in your life. Check out these Covid-style wedding ideas to care about your dearest and have a great wedding without complications:

  • Weekday wedding – Many couples have decided to move their wedding day to Thursday or Friday. As a result, they will have the venue and staff only for their events, as well as accommodation and transport is easier to get and less crowded on weekdays. 
  • Sequel wedding – With the wish to pay tribute to their originally selected dates, many engaged people opt for sequel weddings.  This way they held small events only for the dearest ones on the intended days, while the rest of the guests and all the grandiose plans are moved to the safer times and celebrated as a sequel wedding later.
  • Shift wedding – Another idea to be able to see all your guests on the intended wedding day and not violate any safety rules and restrictions is to organize a shift wedding. This means that your guests will come in shifts so that the venue is not overcrowded and you can spend a quality time with all your dearest on the wedding day.
  • Multi Wedding – Multi wedding is somehow similar to shift wedding, but the guests are to come within a couple of days but not during one only. This means that you will invite different groups of guests to different events counting rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and the next-day brunch.
  • Microwedding – Microwedding or minimony is the most popular option these days. Couples invite only the closest friends and relatives, hosting an event of ten-twenty guests maximum. While the rest of the guests can witness the special day via live stream.

4. Helpful Technologies

Technologies are saving everything and everyone in terms of the world’s pandemic counting education, business affairs, and wedding events. Look at the ways the technologies can help you organize Covid-wedding in the best possible way:

  • Wedding website – Wedding website will help you out along with the electronic invitations and keep your guests updated without extra fuss and unnecessary commotions. This means that your guest will be able to follow any slightest changes in your wedding plans, stick to the safety requirements concerning your weddings, and give their feedback electronically.

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  • Virtual gifts – Many couples opt for virtual gifts for safety measures as well. Guests order gifts or buy gift certificates and everything is delivered directly to newlyweds without third parties involved.
  • Live streaming – Live streaming is a great possibility for all the guests to share the special moment without risking their health and life and need to travel and interact with crowds if they are not ready for it.

These are only some ideas to consider while a variety of technological tools can allow you to extend your covid-wedding possibilities even more.

5. Final Words

You don’t have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to the second Covid wave if you don’t want to. There are a variety of alternatives and ways out to make your wedding safe, fitting your initial intentions, and allowing all the guests to celebrate a special day together with you. Review the latest trends, consider tips and tricks, and get married safely and with fun, despite the restrictions and drastic events worldwide. Life and happiness must go on. 
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