If you’re looking for some classy and minimalist wedding decor inspiration, then save these South Indian wedding decor ideas right away. We love how subtle and humble elements are incorporated into South Indian wedding decor. The rustic and natural elements at South weddings add a very classic touch. We all know that South Indian wedding rituals are performed during the day, and their decor involves a lot of colorful details. And for all those who love the natural, colorful, and minimalist decor, you’ve come to the right place. Go ahead and pin your favorite ideas to your wedding mood board.

These South Indian Wedding Decor Ideas Will Give You Major Decor Inspiration-

1. Brass Elements 

We see a lot of brass elements in south Indian wedding decors. They use brass lamps and pots as a part of their decor that adds a rustic touch. One can use the pots as centerpieces or can fill them with flower petals.

south indian wedding decor

Handmade By Anusatya

brass lamp decor

Nalesa By Geethanjali

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2. Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Well quite literally, you can include bells as a part of your decor. Many south Indian weddings use bells as a decor element and they look great. For an outdoor wedding, you can suspend them from a tree branch with floral strings. Or you can even use an oversized bell as a showpiece. 

bridal portrait idea

Vivek Krishnan Photography

wedding bell decor

Weddings By Studio Noir

brass & copper bells

With Love Nilma

unique decor ideas

The Wedding Salad

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3. Less Is More With Marigold

We can’t get past marigold when talking about South Indian weddings. Marigold or genda phool is a very prominent element at South Indian weddings, just like North Indian weddings. The vibrant orange color makes sure that you cannot go wrong with the decor. 

marigold decor

Its An Affair

minimal floral decor

FPD Events

floral rangoli ideas

Be Unique

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4. Mogra Flowers 

Apart from marigold, mogra flowers are also a huge part of South Indian wedding decor. Mogra flowers are white in color and they’re perfect for adding calm and subtle tones. They’re also very easy to pair with any other floral color as they help them pop out. You can use them as a part of your floral rangoli or ceiling decor for your mandap.

weding floral rangoli

Wedding Tales

mogra decor ideas

3 Production Weddings

ceiling decor idea


traditional wedding decor

Devika Narain & Company

mogra flower ceiling decor

Weddings & More

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5. South Indian Wedding Decor 

There’s no denying that weddings down south include a lot of natural beauty and make the best of their surroundings. It’s not only gorgeous but also a very eco-friendly approach. One can cut a lot of waste if you just make use of your ambiance and use organic material.

couple portraits

Roma Ganesh Photography

genda phool mandap decor

The Design Company India

bridal seating decor

Aashish Photography

Even Kajal Aggarwal’s wedding had a lot of natural elements in her decor that we simply loved.

natural decor elements

A Cube Project

6. Floral Chandeliers

No need to purge on fancy lighting and chandeliers, just make the most of the gorgeous flowers. Floral chandeliers are a thing in South Indian weddings and they look spectacular. They’re much lighter and easier to install. And also a great option for your daytime wedding functions. 

floral chandelier mogra

Pramaan Events

floral chandelier design

Wed Set Go

floral chandelier

Jayandi Events

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7. Pretty Umbrellas

We’ve all seen about a gazillion South Indian beauties carrying pretty umbrellas on their D-days. And we’re still not tired of them simply because of their minimalist and creative quality. 

south indian wedding couple

Raj RJ

south indian bride

Screena Star Photography

floral umbrella

Marine Weddings

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8. Banana Leaves For Decor

You read that right, banana leaves hold a lot of importance in South Indian culture. We see them used for meals and even for decor. The best part is that they have a beautiful green color and are a natural decor element. You can’t go wrong with banana leaves for your decor.

banana leaves decor

Dipali Porwal

banana leaves in wedding decor

Vajroutsav Events

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9. Bountiful Florals For Mandap Decor

It’s pretty much established by now that South Indian weddings channel the floral energy in every nook and corner they can find. But our favorite amongst the lot is the stunning Mandap setup. From outdoors to indoors, minimalist to maximalist, no matter what the theme may be- South Indian weddings nail the floral mandap decor. The gorgeous flowers add such a natural beauty to the mandap setup.

outdoor mandap decor

Atlhea Wedding Portraits

lavender decor

Awaj Decorators

minimalist floral decor

Castle Rock Events

traditional mandap decor

Sampradaya Events

south indian wedding decor ideas

Vivek Krishnan Photography

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That’s all we had for you, folks! We hope you found some inspiration for your wedding decor. Do share your gorgeous weddings with us.

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