Wedding decor is a very important aspect of planning a wedding. It sets the tone and mood for the celebration. The surroundings and decor really impact the mood of the people around. So it’s important to be thoughtful of keeping things very in touch with your vibe. Usually, for the wedding night, the decor is very loud and blingy, and that keeps the celebration spirits high. Whereas for intimate events like the Haldi and Mehendi ceremony, the decor has to be mellow and calm. And we’ve noticed a lot of Genda Phool decor being the main decor item for such intimate functions. So, we’ve got some amazing Genda Phool decor ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding decor.

Genda Phool or Marigold flower is known to be a very auspicious flower used for weddings and/or pujas. And they’re also a natural decor item that doesn’t usually cost you a lot and adds a pop of color to the decor as well. Moreover, the beautiful scent that they add to the air, isn’t that a win-win? What a multi-talented flower Marigold is, don’t you think? LOL!

Here are 10 ways to plan & host an eco-friendly wedding.

Save These Unique Genda Phool Decor Ideas And Slay Your Wedding Decor-

1. These Teepee Tent Genda Phool Decor Ideas Are So Cool

Since teepee tents have become quite popular with regards to wedding decor, you can decorate your teepee tents with Genda Phool instead of the usual fabrics. Not only does it add a pop of color, but is also a great way to include floral decor. The dual shade of yellow and orange Genda Phool just adds more beauty.

Genda phool teepee tent

DB Films Pvt. Ltd.

floral teepee tent decor

Studio Kelly Photography

Save these unique teepee tent decor ideas for your wedding.

2. Genda Phool Decor Ideas For Outdoor Venue

When you’re hosting a wedding or a pre-wedding function, it is always a smart choice to use as much greenery and natural beauty as possible. It’s not only practical but is also a great way to let nature work its magic. And since we see a lot of tree decor happening in a lot of events and functions, we have an alternative to lights. A lot of tree decorations consist of lights and hanging decor. But consider this ‘Phool-proof’ advice for once, decorate your trees with Genda Phool instead. You could cover the trunks with them or hang them from the branch. 

tree decor with genda phool


marigold tree decor idea


Gorgeous tree wedding decor trends you must check out.

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Floral Chandelier? Hell Yeah!

Who doesn’t love chandeliers? We all do! They’re beautiful and so regal. But have you thought about incorporating floral chandeliers for your wedding decor? Yes, they’re a thing and we love them. Using Genda Phool as your choice of flower for a floral chandelier is the way to go. It looks absolutely stunning and ethereal.

genda phool chandelier decor

Jayandi Events

floral chandelier


4. Swing Floral Decor

Swings have become very trendy with wedding decor. They serve as a decor piece as well as a great photo-op prop. You can easily take the swing decor to another level with floral decor. And Genda Phool will be the perfect floral option for you to decorate your swings. 

swing decor ideas

Studio Kelly Photography

genda phool swing decor

Shubhata By Shashank

marigold swing decor idea

BFD Weddings

Get inspired by these latest Oonjal decor ideas.

5. Genda Phool Decor Ideas For Mandap

Mandap decor has tremendously enhanced over the years. We’ve seen a lot of unconventional mandap decor designs and have been happily surprised every single time. According to Indian rituals, the bride and the groom are showered with Genda Phool petals while having pheras. So a mandap decor with Genda Phool is just meant to be, isn’t it?

floral mandap decor idea

Castle Rock Events

genda phool mandap ceiling decor

Lovers Films

Check out these Mandap decor trends and ideas for small weddings.

6. Unique Wedding Decor Ideas Using Genda Phool

Wedding decor is very personal since you can dictate the vibe and style you want for your wedding. And if you enjoy a lot of natural and floral elements as a part of your decor, then these floor decor ideas are for you. Add Genda Phool as a part of your floor decor for entryway and corner pieces. The bright colors set a cheerful mood as they welcome the guests inside.

floor decor with genda phool

Big Bash Wedding & Events

entryway floral wedding decor

Design Atelier

matka and genda phool decor

Momento Events

Also, if you’re environment-conscious here’s a guide on how to plan a sustainable wedding.

7. Floral Centerpieces, FTW!

Flowers are always the best choice to style your centerpieces. And including a thali or a vase full of auspicious marigold flowers for your wedding decor seems like a great idea.

thali decor with genda phool

Bougainvilla Design

centerpiece decor with genda phool

Rani  Pink Love

8. Gorgeous Backdrop Decor For Photos

Well, we’re a generation that just loves to click happy selfies and squad photos. So, a photo booth is a must, isn’t it? These unique and beautiful Genda Phool decor ideas for your photobooths are definitely pin-worthy.

photobooth decor with genda phool

The Eventers Entertainment

marigold backdrop wedding decor

Procreate Events

poolside photo booth decor

The Forever Project

Bookmark these 17 quirky backdrops and photo booth ideas, now!

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