All you lovely and wonderful people who belong to the LBTQ+ community, we’ve got some awesome same-sex couples’ wedding pictures for y’all to take inspiration from. We at ShaadiWish always aim to inspire and assist our users with their wedding preparations in any way possible. So, here are mind-blowing and sweet wedding portraits that you might want to pin for your wedding inspiration.

Check Out These Lovely Same-Sex Couples’ Wedding Pictures For Photoshoot Inspo-

1. Bring Out The Flowers & Confetti

Flowers and confetti instantly add a festive mood to any portrait. And whether it’s your wedding picture or your pre-wedding shoot, you can’t go wrong with them. They can give your pictures a romantic or a playful touch, depending on your photoshoot mood.

gay couple wedding

Charmi Patel Pena

grooms photo shoot

Lianne Gray Photo

Steal some groom outfit inspirations from this NRI gay couple.

2. Walk The Walk!

What’s more romantic than walking hand-in-hand with your beloved? So, just choose your location and walk down with your partner for a great photo opportunity. It could be any place-a street, a garden, a desert. The most important thing you’ll need to nail the shoot will be one big happy smile. (BTW, the groom in the white gown is stealing the show!)

groom wearing wedding gown

Rebecca Stone Photo

same-sex couples' wedding pictures

Louisa Schlepper Hamburg

Save these groomsmen photoshoot ideas, right away!

3. Quirky Inspirations From Same-Sex Couples’ Wedding Pictures

It is always a pleasure to witness something unique in wedding portraits. We love how it reflects their persona and individuality. This one where one of the brides wore a colorful tiara and added a pop of color to their lovely picture.

brides photoshoot

AHD Photo

And this portrait surely takes the cake! We were truly left awestruck by these grooms’ unique portrait. They had their vows inscribed on their classic red Louboutin soles along with their wedding dates.

grooms vows on shoes

Stephen Paul Photo 

4. Neutral Decor Backdrop, FTW!

When it comes to getting that perfect click, we always need to ensure a great backdrop. And it’ll always be a great option to have a dedicated photo-op area at your wedding. But if that doesn’t work out, then just make use of your gorgeous wedding decor. It’s fun to be crafty. 

christian wedding decor

Muse Event Co.

boho decor

Taylor Lee Photo

Here are some quirky backdrop ideas for your wedding photo booth.

5. This One Won Our Hearts

We all know being a member of the LBTQ+ community isn’t always that easy. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the support of their friends and family. And we hope that changes soon. And when we saw this sweet couple portrait with the groom’s father blessing them, we were floored. Having your loved ones by your side on your big day makes all the difference.

sikh groom couple

Sundeep Dosanjh

Watch this Indian dad’s emotional speech at his son’s gay wedding.

Well, we hope you’re all set to get those ‘gram-worthy pictures clicked. Do share them with us, we’d love to see them.

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