The story of gay wedding of Vaibhav And Parag is no new to us. This Indo-American couple has been in the news long before due to their grand wedding celebration with their family and friends. Well, they did set some major goals for the LGBTQ community by legalising their wedding in front of the world. And while we always appreciate them for coming out to be all bold and honest for living their life on their own terms, how can we forget their family’s support which helped them cope up all the criticism?

gay wedding

Well, it is always the love we see from the lover’s perspective. So, how about seeing it from the perspective of a father? It takes a lot of courage to come out and accept things for as they are after battling a roller coaster of feelings and societal pressure. Here’s our salute to Dr. Vijay Mehta, a resident of Central Texas, who gave an award winning speech at his son’s wedding and we are already in tears.

Check out this emotional speech by Indian father on his son’s gay wedding:

Just like any father would, Parag’s dad reminisces all the moments from Parag’s childhood where he felt all proud to be his dad. From being bright at studies to acting in the plays, he talked about numerous talents that Parag possessed and how proud he was about the fact what his son came out to be today. 

gay wedding, father's speech

 In his speech, Dr Mehta accepts that he was a homophobic person and decided to find the best “treatment centre” in the country and find the cure for it. He even went to a medical library to research about this disorder and found that there’s nothing to be cured because it is not a defect or disease.

Check out the heartwarming video here:

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