Well, as we are all aware of the current grim situation in India and how the second wave has come like a storm for all of us. These COVID wedding guidelines 2021 should be known to all. This year it is more deadly and India has been continuously breaking records and recording daily rise in cases. 

With lockdown and curfews in almost every state, this is what the Government has planned out for weddings. For those getting married in May should be aware of all the guidelines.

COVID Wedding Guidelines 2021

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Scroll Down Below For All The Latest COVID Wedding Guidelines 2021 –

1. Guidelines For Weddings In Delhi

Delhi is under a complete lockdown till 3rd May but wedding gatherings upto 50 persons are allowed and an E-pass will be issued for it. You can apply for the E-pass here.

2. Mumbai And Maharashtra Guidelines

Maharashtra has declared a curfew till 1st May and weddings can only be held in a hall with a maximum gathering of only 25 people. Any one who is found to be violating the rules will be fined for INR 50,000.

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3. Guidelines For Weddings In Bangalore And Karnataka

The Government has imposed a lockdown till 9th May. Marriages are permitted but with a guest list of 50 persons and all the guests are required to carry a hard copy of the invite and soft copy of the permission letter from the head of the area.

4. Guidelines For Punjab

Punjab has a daily night curfew from 8 PM to 5 AM. The maximum number of people allowed in a gathering is restricted at 20.

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5. Wedding Guidelines For Gujarat

A daily night curfew in effect from 8 PM to 6 AM in the state till April 30, 2021. The number of guests allowed at a wedding is 100 for now.

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6. COVID Wedding Guidelines 2021 For Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has a daily night curfew from 8 PM to 7 AM. 50 guests are only allowed at indoor spaces and 100 guests in an open area.

7. Uttarakhand Wedding Guidelines

Uttarakhand too has a night curfew from 9 PM to 5 AM. Maximum number of guests allowed at a wedding is 50.

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8. Wedding Guidelines For Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal has a complete lockdown till 3rd May and Indore to have curfew on Sundays. While maximum gathering at a wedding can only be of 50 guests.

9. Tamil Nadu Wedding Guidelines

Night curfew has been announced from 10 pm to 4 AM and complete lockdown on Sundays. Maximum number of guests allowed at a wedding is 50.

10. Wedding Guidelines For Bihar

Bihar has announced a night curfew till 15th May from 9 PM to 5 AM and weddings can be conducted with upto 100 guests.

11. Wedding Guidelines For Goa

Goa has a night curfew everyday from 10 PM to 6 AM and a maximum of 50 people are allowed to attend a wedding.

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We advise you to be safe, wear your masks and sanitise frequently. We are in this together and can absolutely fight this battle. 

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