Couple portraits hold a very special place in your wedding album and hence we have found the best wedding couple portraits of 2020 to take ideas from. Whether they are the quirky ones or mushy wedding pictures, you will adore each one of them. These trending couple shots will make you fall in love with them because they are so full of life and happiness.

Save These Best Wedding Couple Portraits Of 2020 That We Truly Adore –

1. Adorable And Lovely Wedding Photographs

This one is making our heart skip a beat and we truly cannot help but have tears in our eyes after seeing this gorgeous picture.

Best Wedding Couple Portraits

Image Source: Vows And Tales

Well, a perfectly captured moment, isn’t it? We are truly all eyes for this mind blowing picture of Aditya Narayan and Shweta Aggarwal.

aditya narayan wedding portrait

Image Source: Ibtida

Another candid picture that we find hard to ignore and is worth pinning down right away. Don’t you think so too?

wedding picture ideas

Image Source: Badal Raja

Look out for wedding captions for couples to post on social media.

2. Best Wedding Couple Portraits Of 2020

If you want to add a little bit of drama to your picture, then this one with placards is the most cutest and adorable one.

wedding portraits

Image Source: The Wedding Story

We are so in love with this one and it is truly one of our favorites. A picture that is surely meant to be framed right away.

Best Wedding Couple Portraits

Image Source: Devasyah Studios

Well, what is even a wedding picture without your cuties? Head over heels in love with this wedding photograph.

Steal inspiration from these gorgeous real weddings.

best wedding pictures

Image Source: Gaatha

Add more drama to your pre-wedding by recreating these Bollywood poses.

3. Bookmark The Best Ones For Your Wedding

This couple portrait looks so promising and we admire the photographer’s timing of clicking the picture.

just married shots

Image Source: Stories By Joseph Radhik

Happily stepping together into the most beautiful phase of their lives and the candid photograph is just a proof of that.

candid wedding pictures

Image Source: Hitched And Clicked

When you just cannot take your eyes off your BAE. This beautiful picture of Yuzvendra Chahal has us swooning over.

couple wedding pictures

Image Source: The Wedding Story

Pretty in pastels, this couple had an amazing click that is so pleasing to everyone’s eyes.

just married shots

Image Source: Sam And Ekta

Questions you must ask your wedding photographer before booking for your wedding.

What’s not to love about this color coordinated Maharashtrian couple? From their outfits to the picture, we adore everything about them.

couple poses

4. Fun And Quirky Wedding Pictures That We Are Gushing Over

This adorable couple portrait has our hearts and don’t you miss on the bride’s cute reaction that caught our attention.

fun wedding couple pictures

Image Source: Niharika Konidela

Dance away through your life just like this couple. How gorgeous do they look and we haven’t seen such an instagrammy picture before.

best wedding couple portraits

Image Source: Fotowaale

Just like the picture, they promised to make each other’s life colorful too and we are truly loving this one.

wedding photography ideasImage Source: Ombre By HJ

How cute is this couple and this just married shot literally took our heart away and we cannot wait to get clicked like this.

just married shots

Image Source: Gopalika Virmani

Seek inspiration from these cute and adorable just married photos.

Take cues from this one in a million portrait where the bride just cannot take her eyes off her groom. 

sikh couple wedding

Image Source: Colorblind Productions

Stop drooling over these now and save the best poses that can be incorporated at your wedding too. We are sure that these will not only add more charm but also be a trendsetter for all the couples.

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