Out of all the superb wedding photographs, the most adorable and beautiful are the just married photos of the couple. The candid shots truly are gorgeous and we love how the wedding photographers catch such in between moments from your D-day. This moment comes in your life only once and trust us you are going to love the photograph, however it may come. The love and cheerfulness in the eyes of the couple captured in these shots is just WOW.

We have shortlisted some of the most mind blowing couple shots that will leave you stunned and speechless. You obviously cannot recreate these photos but can always take inspiration for your big day.

Scroll Down To Check Out Some Of the Most Beautiful Just Married Photos Of Couples That Are Just Too Romantic –

1. Candid Couple Portraits Are Truly The Best

Now, this picture literally gave us goosebumps and we are truly loving the expressions on both their faces. Don’t you just love it too?

Just Married Photos

Image Source: Lovers Film

Hand in hand, they step forward together for the most beautiful and gorgeous phase of their life. Just cannot stop gushing over this one.

just married shots

Image Source: Shot By Kismet

2. Just Married Photos That Are Meant To Be Framed

This candid picture of the happy couple just after their pheras is absolutely remarkable and their happiness is truly depicted in the picture.

couple portrait ideas

Image Source; Dhanika Choksi Photography

Wedding captions for couples to post on social media.

And yeahh finally married. Another couple shot, that we truly are not getting over anytime soon. 

couple wedding photos

Image Source: Jashim Jalal Studios

3. Flower Shower Shots Are Just Too Amazing

They just can’t wait to hug each other, we are all eyes for this oh so pretty couple portrait and have already saved this one for our wedding.

Just Married Photos

Image Source: Picsurely

If not flowers, then confetti really steals the show. Absolutely admiring this couple shot and you surely have to frame this one.

romantic couple shots

Image Source: Ivy Weddings

Trendy couple poses that you will fall in love with.

How about this color coordinated couple and that flower shower of roses just added more charm to the gorgeous picture.

candid wedding photographs

Image Source: Karan Sidhu Photography

4. Amazed By These One In A Million Couple Shots That Took Our Heart Away

This one is totally for those lovey-dovey couples and we love that they both just can’t take their eyes off each other.

just married shots

Image Source: Shades Photography India

And this one too that tops our list and we are truly all hearts for this super gorgeous couple portrait where we can see just love and happiness.

romantic couple photos

Image Source: Picsurely

If you want some inspiration for your dreamy family portraits.

Because it’s now ‘Dilwale Dulha Le Jayenge’. Don’t you just adore this super cute couple portrait?

couple wedding portraits

Image Source: Coolbluez Photography

5. We Bet You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off These Super Cute pictures

Well, we are crushing over this one and we love how the groom just won’t let go off her super pretty bride.

couple wedding photos

Image Source: Zohaib Ali Photography

Their garlands are so unique that they are making the couple’s portrait even more charming. We are head over heels in love with this one.

candid wedding photographs

Image Source: Janine Licare

Look out for contrasting jaimala ideas for great couple portraits.

We haven’t seen a more happy picture than this one and it is already our very favorite. Cannot wait to see more like these.

wedding couple photograph

Image Source: The Wedding Files

A truly mesmerising shot with beautiful fireworks, a surreal mandap and the kiss and the backdrop of the portrait were the real show stealers.

romantic couple portrait

Image Source: Fotowaale

Stop drooling over these shots now and save the ones that you like the most. We bet you are going to have a wonderful album with these absolutely eye-catching and lovable pictures. These couple portraits absolutely have our heart and we too want each one of them with our BAE.

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