Finding a matching blouse for silk saree can be a tough nut to crack whether you’re planning to wear it to someone else’s wedding or on your own wedding. After all, you have to always look perfect and glamorous. But really for the 100th time, we are here for you ladies. 

Be it crisp Kanjeevarams, extravagant Banarasi silk sarees or graceful Tussar silk sarees, we are a sucker for every kind of silk saree at heart and we know so are you. And why wouldn’t you, there’s literally nothing not to like about it. The magnificence of these sarees is simply unrivaled. Like an improper style of pleating and draping of a silk saree, can be a major disaster. Similarly, a mismatched blouse can shear your chance of dazzling the evening like a diva, which we most definitely wouldn’t want.

So here we have compiled a list of the best color combinations for matching blouses for silk saree that would always be a hit and never a miss. 

Scroll away to find some timeless color combinations for your perfect matching blouse for silk saree- 

1. For Blue Silk Sarees

Blue is a color that can be paired with many vibrant hues from the color wheel and you’d still end up with a spectacular outfit each time. The soothing appeal of this color works as a great equalizer when teamed up with poppy shades and when it comes to silk sarees, the gleaming sheen of blue works wonders with bright colors like hot pink and orange as can be seen below. 

Image source – shopzters

Image source – shopzters

We found this combination of a beautiful blue and silver silk saree with a quirky lime yellow blouse extremely chic yet fun and we think you should definitely try it out for yourself. 

2. For Yellow Silk Sarees

Yellow silk sarees are considered just as auspicious as red colored sarees, especially in the south but sometimes you might just want to give it’s ethnic essence a little turn around, so a hot pink blouse or something in shades varying from bright light blue to teal would be a wonderful choice. 

If you’re a fan of silk sarees then you’d surely love these offbeat kanjeevaram sarees too!

3. For Pink Silk Sarees

Pink is an overpowering color in itself, so when looking for a different shade to pair it up with you have two options; you can either go with a blouse that is just as bright and flashy to give it a complete strong look or with a blouse that is subtle and gentle in it’s appeal to balance it all out. We have enlisted both the options with orange and purple respectively. 

Image source – shopzters

4. For Green Silk Sarees

There’s just something so royal and regal about green silk sarees that we can’t ever get enough of. One of our favourite color combinations for silk sarees has got to be red on dark green. It is undeniably a powerful statement look. 

Image source – Pinterest

Image source – Sourodip Ghosh Photography

Another rather new yet wonderful combination that we came across was that of parrot green and pink. You would brighten up the whole room with this combo in silk, trust us on this.

The combination of purple and green is like Victoria and David Beckham, simply meant to be. Nothing more needs to be said to justify this heavenly union. 

Image source – emmanuvel photography

5. For Purple/Violet Silk Sarees

Some might say purple/violet is a daring color as it can only either be a total showstopper or a devastating misadventure that you would never want to remember, and we agree but with our recommendations you shall only slay.

Purple and pink are the sisterly colors you can always count on.

Image source –

Blue on a shinny violet saree is a fashionably eloquent way of saying “I came here to steal the show”.

Image source – zero gravity photography

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6. For Golden Silk Sarees

Choosing a matching blouse for golden silk saree can be evidently very tricky as it seems to complement every color with just as much elegance, but we think a red or pink blouse would be a sure shot hit no matter what.

Image source – Vivek Krishnan Photography

7. Bonus Inspo – For Black Silk Sarees

Black silk sarees are a fashionable cult that not many people recognize but it’s high time that they do and therefore, we thought this catastrophic combination of black with dark green is something that you need to get your hands on ASAP. 

8. Timeless Monochromatic Silk Saree Ensemble That we Adore 

Monochromatic looks are iconic, period. So if you’re one of those brides who like to rock bold colors in their pristine elegance, then here are a few colors that would be an excellent choice for monochromatic looks in silk sarees. 

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