Be it your mother’s treasured wedding heirloom archives or Deepika Padukone slaying those six yards of grace at her Konkan wedding and reception, we bet you must have often thought about how much does a Kanjeevaram saree cost on an average? 

Well, it goes without saying that the charm and elegance of pure Kanjeevaram sarees is unbeatable. Blame it on rich silk fabric and handwoven techniques, this timeless piece of six yards has forever been a part of Indian festive occasions and why not. Not to miss, how the Bollywood divas have unfailingly chosen them above anything when it comes to flaunting the rich heritage and culture of India.

kanjeevaram saree cost

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From slaying it on your BFF’s wedding to adding it to your bridal trousseau, a Kanjeevaram sari truly deserves some space in your wedding wardrobe. 

So, know how much does a Kanjeevaram saree cost, so that you can invest wisely in this timeless classic:

The fine and intricate detailing of these sarees- the radiant silk, the classic appeal, rich quality of yarn, talks about its everlasting magic on the onlookers. A kanjeevaram saree price depends mostly on the type of borders it comes with. A classic kanjivaram saree border features everything from elaborate florals, temple designs to exquisitely detailed depictions of paintings. 

kanjeevaram saree, south indian bride

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Average Kanjeevaram Saree Cost

No hand woven silks sarees are as expensive as a Kanjeevaram saree is. A basic Kanjeevaram saree costs around INR 7,000 and can go upto INR 2 lakhs as well. If you are not willing to spend a lot on your Kanjivaram saree, you can opt for pure silk and imitation zari or the half silk-half synthetic and imitation zari saree, which looks like an original one but lose out on the durability of the fabric. These sarees are a lot cheaper and can be owned at a price of just INR 2,000 to INR 5,000. 

Types of Kanjivaram Sarees

Pure Silk and Zari Saree

Crafted using three silk threads, the pure silk Kanjeevaram sarees come with gold borders with traditional and modern motifs including floral, temple and checkered designs. A pure silk sari with a simple border generally costs around INR 6K whereas elaborate sarees can go up to INR 40K. In some exceptional cases, the prices may go as high as 1 Lakhs as well.

kanjeevaram saree

Image source: Dhinakaran Silk House

Pure Silk And Half Fine/Texted Zari

These types of silk sarees are much in demand due to the fact that they are lightweight. These Kanjeevaram sarees come in attractive colors and designs and can be bought for as low as INR 2K. However, the zari weaved in these sarees may deteriorate and turn black over time as it’s not pure.

Don’t miss exploring these offbeat Kanjeevaram saree colors for South Indian brides.

Polyester Silk And Pure Zari

All the markets are flooded with artificial silk sarees nowadays. Expect to pay around INR 3K for polyester silk sarees with pure zari weaved in them.

How To Identify A Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree?

  • An original Kanjeevaram saree border is in total contrast to the overall saree. You need to look closely at the colour of the finished zari work to identify a fake, as the cheaper versions of silk sarees follow a similar design pattern.
  • Another way to distinguish between an original and fake Kanjivaram silk saree is to burn a few loose threads from the saree. Artificial fibres will not leave behind any ash upon burning.
  • A pure zari is made of red silk thread, that is then twisted with a silver thread and dipped in gold. If you find the zari thread white or any other colour, you can be certain that this is a fake.
  • Further, you can also check the Silk Mark that is given to pure Kanjeevaram silk sarees.

kanjeevaram saree cost

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