South Indian jewellery is elaborate, to say the least. And when it comes to weddings, South Indian bridal jewellery pops up as one of the most popular choices amongst Indian brides.  

Right from the timeless temple jewellery, kamarbandh and bajubandh designs to traditional hair jewellery and matha pattis, the charm of South Indian jewellery is inescapable. And, while a South Indian bride is surely incomplete without her traditional temple jewellery, North Indian brides are coming forward with open arms to slay these gorgeous jewellery pieces with their bridal look.

So, if you are planning to rock authentic South Indian jewellery, make sure to get in-depth knowledge about what all goes inside a South Indian bridal jewellery box. To help you out, we at Shaadiwish have created this easy guide on South Indian jewellery that you can keep handy when shopping for the same.

Bookmark these elements of South Indian bridal jewellery to make sure you don’t miss out on anything:

1. Traditional Maang Tikka & Matha Patti Designs

Starting from the head, maang tikkas and matha pattis are one crucial element of any bridal jewellery ensemble. And, when it comes to South Indian bridal jewellery you can find these in many distinctive styles including Nethi Chutti maang tikkas and matha pattis, temple jewellery inspired maang tikkas, or the one in Kundan/polki.

south indian maang tikkas

Image source -Pinterest

south indian Matha Patti Designs

Image source – South India Jewels

2. South Indian Hair Jewellery

Elaborate hair ornaments are probably one of the quirkiest yet most traditional elements of South Indian bridal jewellery which makes a South Indian bridal look different from others. From the traditional Jadanagam or a Jada (hair serpent i.e. bejeweled plait) that brides wear over their braided hair to a pair of the sun and moon hair brooches (popularly known as suryapirai and chandrapirai) worn on either sides of the hair partition, there’s nothing better than giving your hair a traditional twist as it is with these South Indian hair accessories.

south indian hair jewellery

Image source – Lyrics Studio Photography

south indian hair ornaments

Image source – Nimitham Wedding Photography

3. Jhimkis As A Part of South Indian Bridal Jewellery

Bridal earrings from the South are popularly known as jhimkis. They are mostly bell or chandelier shaped with medium or heavy embellishments which highly accentuate the bride’s beautiful facial features. You can find a variety of combinations in these with various gemstones or kundan/polki. However, they majorly feature gold as their base. 

south indian bridal earrings

Image source – Etsy

south indian earrings

Image source – Pinterest

4. Nose Rings or Naath

Nose rings or mukku pudaka in South India are quite similar to Maharashtrian nasal rings, the only difference being that South Indian nose rings are mostly circular in shape and are not too big in size. Generally, these are made up of gold and pearls. However, brides nowadays have been experimenting with diamond nose rings as well which helps them to slay that contemporary bridal look and how.

South Indian nose rings

Image source – One Fine Day

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5. Because South Indian Bridal Jewellery Is Incomplete Without Traditional Necklaces or Haarams

South Indian necklaces or Haarams are the most visible and important component of the South Indian jewellery ensemble. The beauty of these traditional gold necklaces not only lies in their heavy and elaborate designs but also in the fact that they are always worn in layers. Some of the most popular South Indian necklace styles include mango mala, Kasu mala or the gold coin necklace, and Kundan chokers.

South Indian necklaces

Image source – Divya Hair & Makeup

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6. South Indian Bangles And Baju Bandh

Unlike usual kadas, South Indian kadas or cuff bangles come with floral or animal motifs exquisitely carved upon chunky layers of gold and are adorned with various gemstones. Along with these, another important part of South Indian jewellery is a baju bandh, which is traditionally known as Vanki. It’s made up of gold, diamond, and rubies and comes with an inverted V-shape. It usually features motifs of goddesses, peacocks, serpents, and elephants and looks absolutely stunning.

South Indian Baju Bandh South Indian Bangles

Image source – Tanishq Bridal Jewellery

7. Waistband or Kamarbandha

The kamarbandha or Oddiyanam is not only an important part of a South Indian jewellery collection but it also helps in holding up a bride’s saree in place. It’s basically a heavily embellished gold belt with traditional motifs of peacocks and other South Indian deities. 

south indian bride,Kamarbandha

Image source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

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8. South Indian Anklets

Just like any other bridal anklets, a South Indian anklet design adds elegance and beauty to the bride’s mehndi laden feet. They are available in both gold and silver but brides generally tend to go for gold anklets as it complements their temple jewellery perfectly.

south indian anklets

Image source – Camera Crew on Instagram

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