Searching for some quirky and gorgeous sanitizer station ideas that would match the aesthetics of your wedding in the new normal? Don’t worry, installing the necessary precautionary measures at your wedding won’t make your celebration look boring. 

You can still host Pinterest and Instagram worthy nuptials without compromising the safety of your guests. P.S. No matter wherever you are willing to set up a hand sanitizer station including entrance, exit or near restrooms, the trick is to make it look visually appealing and in sync with your wedding decor. Therefore, ShaadiWish fairies dug deep down on social media to share some of the most adorable ideas for your sanitizer station which will grab you compliments for all the right reasons.

Bookmark these impressive sanitizer station ideas to add in your wedding:

1. A Sanitizer Box Attached On A Wedding Signboard? Yes, Please!

P.S. Don’t forget to decorate the standee with flowers to make it more eye catching.

sanitizer station ideas

Image source: Mulberry Market Designs

2. How Many Votes For These Sanitizer Station Ideas With Thoughtful And Cute Messages For Guests?

Screenshot these ideas to encourage the guests to follow all the safety precautions without a fail and play their part in being a responsible citizen. 

sanitizer station at weddings

Image source: With Love Nilma

sanitizer station ideas

Image Source: Amrit Photography

3. Vintage Santizier Station Ideas To Jazz Up Your Wedding Decor.

Well, if you are a sucker for vintage decor ideas, you will absolutely love this one.

sanitizer station ideas4. A Contactless Sanitizer Stand For Socially Distanced Weddings.

Why use your hands when your feet can do it for you?

sanitizer stand

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

5. Cute And OTT Sanitizer Stations With Trolleys

From metal to wooden trolleys, we absolutely love how these quirky sanitizer stations can be easily DIY!

sanitizer at weddings

Image Source: Arliquinn Photography

sanitizer station ideas

Image Source: Sheyanne Lyn

6. Wooden Signage Ideas To Display At Weddings.

An amazing way to keep reminding your guests to sanitize their hands from time to time.

wedding singhboards7. Keep It Simple Yet Striking With This One!

Let your guests choose their pick!

sanitizer at weddings

Image Source: Amrit Photography

Aren’t these sanitizer station ideas too cute to be missed? Well, bookmark the one that goes well with your wedding theme and make your celebration safe and sound with all the precautionary measures by your side.

Also, end your search for the best wedding decorators near you with ShaadiWish!

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