Be it planning a big fat Indian wedding or a personal intimate one, weddings in pre pandemic times required a professional wedding planner and decor stylist who would take care of the tiniest details of your “I Do” ceremony making it a memorable once-in-a-lifetime affair for you. However, weddings in the era of social distancing come not only with a restricted guest list but changes in the dynamic ways we have been celebrating them ever since. Therefore, weddings in the times of Coronavirus, definitely requires an expert to guide you through the myriad of issues to plan a safe event, adhering to the prescribed norms.

To get the answers, we turned to wedding planner and decor specialist Ritu Mago who has been turning couples’ dream weddings into reality with her creative vision and love for designing and executing weddings. With over 8 years of experience in the wedding industry, Ritu Mago has carved a niche for herself in providing professional wedding curation services including bespoke decor solutions. From handling the logistics and looking into each nitty-gritty related to your big day, she will ensure that everything is well taken care of. She not only designs and executes beautiful weddings and events, but also provides personal and bespoke experiences that are carefully curated to be a true reflection of you.

So, scroll below to know wedding planner and decor stylist Ritu Mago’s expert tips and the silver linings on curating a memorable intimate wedding affair:

1. “Less Is More “According To This Wedding Planner And Decor Stylist!

Having a small guest list should not mar the festivities. A minimalistic storyboard using elements which add real details and are sharp on aesthetics is all you need to make your intimate wedding a complete hit. Couples will not just have quality time with people they are closest to but will also have more opportunities to pay attention to detail and customize every aspect of the wedding.

wedding planner and decor stylist, wedding decor

wedding decor

Also, know how to stick to a 50 people wedding guest list here.

2. Personalise Your Table Settings

Table settings or table spaces are an important element to consider at smaller gatherings. A limited number of guests means cozy sit down dinners having those never-ending conversations and laughter over clinking glasses of wine. Ritu Mago Weddings and Events suggests jazzing up your wedding tables with interesting centerpieces including personalized placard write ups, coasters and monogrammed linens.

personalised wedding decor

table setting, wedding planner and decor stylist

table setting

signboard ideas signboard

3. Focus On Creating Quality Experiences

Smaller celebrations make way for using lesser but better-quality decor elements like finer fabrics and linens, statement decor pieces, furniture centerpieces including quirky and personalised decor accents.

wedding decor

personalised wedding decor wedding decor

Bookmark these creative stage decoration ideas for your home wedding.

4. Opt For Real Floral Decor Over Artificial Ones.

The charm and fragrance of real flowers is irreplaceable, the whiff of mogra, jasmine or roses reverberates the festivities like nothing else. Don’t substitute it on the cost of artificial flowers. Give your guests an experience to be cherished for life and know that these little details do make a difference.

floral decor

floral decoration5. Don’t Forget About Hiring A Professional Stylist For Your Wedding

According to wedding planner and decor stylist Ritu Mago, a stylist can make a few elements come together and speak volumes about it whereas the same can look like a clutter if not executed and curated aesthetically. Good execution is key.

wedding decor mandap decor6. Give you wedding the ‘personal touch’ as Much As Possible

Add as many personalized and fun elements in your decor as possible as these highlights will be remembered much after the celebrations are over. For example: personalized wedding favors, message boards, audio visual stories, specially written vows for the mandap, photo op backdrops that tell a tale and many more.

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