Say hello to these mind blowing stageless decor ideas which are trendy and fast replacing the old stage decorations. After all, sitting back at the stage posing for those traditional wedding photographs is the most boring thing to do at your own wedding. Don’t you agree? So, how about adding that spark to your wedding decor by giving it a creative focal point where you can have some amazing wedding pictures with your BAE and guests?

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An icing on the cake is that these stage decoration concepts are easily doable at your homes. Afterall, intimate weddings are the new normal with our homes being converted into a temporary wedding venue. So, if you thought there’s nothing much to do with your wedding decor at home, you will be thanking us at the end of this article.

What’s more exciting about it is that you can go completely and insanely creative with your choices and create a dreamy setup for some gorgeous wedding photographs.

Convert your home into your dreamy wedding space with these DIY stage decoration concepts:

1. Teepee Tent Decor Ideas For Those Perfect Relaxing And Chill Wedding Vibes!

Intimate weddings are supposed to be laid back and relaxed. Create those perfect home wedding vibes by using cabana ribbons or simple drapes to make teepee tents which are a perfect alternative to traditional stage decorations. What do you think?

stage decoration

teepee tent decor

2. No Fuss Stage Decoration Ideas Like This One Is Truly Worth Admiring!

Go creative by searching that perfect corner in your house which requires no pre-installations or DIY backdrops. Just add your sofa set and you are good to go!

ShaadiWish Tip: Look for spaces with large windows in backdrop or open veranda with natural light and scenic backdrops. 

stage decoration ideas

Image Sorce: Devika Narain & Co.

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3. Play Around With Your Lawn Boundaries To Create A Perfect Stage Backdrop!

Just add a couple chair set or sofa in front of those homegrown potted plants, shrubs and bushes and let them do the magic for you!

wedding stage ideas

Image Source: Atisuto Events

stage decoration ideas

Image Source: Atisuto Events

4. Redefine Stage Decoration Ideas With These Comfy Couple Seating Arrangements With DIY Elements!

Comfortable sofas, throw pillows, colorful dupattas and wooden panels is all you need to convert your lawn area into an intimate setup and how.

tent decor ideas

Image Source: Aash Studio

teepee tent

Image Source: Aash Studio

You will fall in love with this intimate Christian wedding in Kerala where the groom’s residence was converted into a dreamy wedding space and how.

5. Place Your Bets On These Easy Peasy Colorful Wedding Stage Decorations For Some Fun Vibes!

Be it a giant mandala design or paper flowers in the backdrop, you can create some uber cool stage setups with DIY decor ideas to your rescue.

DIY stage decoration

Image Source: Tamarind Global Weddings

DIY stage decoration

Image Source: Eventfully Yours Design

colorful stage decor

Image Source: Aash Studio

6. Unleash The Creativity In You With This DIY Stage Decoration For Your Small Wedding.

Add oodles of charm and elegance to your intimate nuptials as you reuse old glass bottles as a part of your ceiling decor by hanging them with cute little baby breaths.

stage decoration ideas

Image Source: Fireflies Decor

7. LIT It Up With Candles And How!

Cosy up your home setting by lighting up the space with lots of candles. 

P.S. No lights required. Let candles alone create the magic!

couple seating

Image Source: Atisuto Events

8. Add Personalised Touch To Your Stage Decor By Adding Photo Frames In The Backdrop!

Utilize this chance to show off your lovey dovey pictures from your pre wedding shoot or in general and leave your guests awe-struck.

stage decor ideas

Image Source: Fireflies Decor

9. Create An Illusional Effect With Such Mindful Couple Seating Arrangement!

Change the plan by never the goal. P.S. play illusional mind games with your guests as you create some picture perfect pool party vibes with such DIY stage backdrop ideas.

pool party decor

Image Source: Tamarind Global Weddings

10. Such Minimalistic Stage Decor Ideas Have Our Hearts!

Nothing beats the charm of traditional mogras and this one with hanging mogra threads is looking every bit elegant and beautiful.

minimal stage decor

Image Source: With Love Nilma

11. Let Your Wedding Hashtag Be The Focal Point Of Your Wedding!

Quirky wedding hashtags in backdrop calls for some amazing wedding photographs. Opt for such trending wedding decor ideas leaving behind the traditional stage decorations for good.

stageless decor ideas

Image Source: Robin Saini Photography

12. Add Some Boho Chic Vibes To Your Intimate Nuptials With These Creative Wedding Decoration Ideas!

From boho chic fabrics, cushions and pillows to dream catchers, there’s a lot of easy peasy ways to host a bohemian themed wedding at your home.

dreamcatcher decor

Image Source: Vivaah Weddings Decor Stylist

boho chic stage decoration

Image Source: Dheeralikhi

13. Choose The Trending Pastel Theme For Your Wedding Stage Decoration And How!

When nothing strikes, add furniture and decor elements in monotone pastel color to bring alive your dream wedding setup.

theme stage decorations

Image Source: Panodrama Events

14. Make Use Of Trees To Jazz Up Your Stage Decor

Trees are present everywhere, and perfect for haldi, mehendi or a gala dinner. Just hang fairy lights, tassels or genda phool to enhance any tree at the venue. They make for such pretty backdrops and photo booths too.

tree stage decor ideas

Image Source: KV Designs And Decor

stage decoration

Image Source: Panodrama Events

You will be amazed how tree wedding decorations are trending big time and have a power to transform the space beautifully.

Find ShaadiWish approved wedding decorators near you who can help you bring alive the wedding of your dreams.

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