Yes, usually bridal mehendi is all about mandalas and arabic mehendi designs but these unique jewellery mehndi designs are the new trend. We have seriously been crushing over these gorgeous mehandi jewellery designs for a long time now and they have made a special place in our heart. With such minimal and pretty designs, they are just the perfect mehendi idea for minimalist brides-to-be and bridesmaids. We bet that you too will fall in love with these designs just like us and your hands will surely be doing the talking.

These mehendi designs basically look like jewellery and the best part is that with these you really don’t need real jewellery pieces to adorn your hands. This is not the only option for brides but bridesmaids too.

Check Out These Pretty Jewellery Mehndi Designs For A Unique Bridal Look –

1. Mehendi Designs That Look Like Jewellery

This one totally looks like a bridal haath phool and we are so loving the intricate detailing.

Jewellery Mehndi Designs

Image Source: Henna By Shifa

Another mehndi design that resembles a bridal haath phool and we are all hearts for this one.

mehndi designsImage Source: Henna Paradise

Prettiest floral mehandi designs, that you must consider.

2. White Mehendi Designs That Are Absolutely Gorgeous 

We are so crushing over this simple and offbeat bridal mehandi design and you really don’t need accessories after this to adorn your hands.

white mehendi designs

Image Source: Henna By Shifa

3. Who Needs Bridal Accessories With Such Pretty Mehendi Designs?

Just cannot seem to take our eyes off this detailed jewellery mehandi design and we think this is the perfect pick for a bridal look.

mehendi designs

Image Source: Henna House By Angela

If you are looking for minimalistic mandala mehendi designs.

This OTT bridal mehendi design has taken our heart away and we just cannot stop crushing over it.

bridal henna designs

Image Source: Henna House By Angela

We bet all eyes will be on your hands as these mind blowing mehndi designs are just too pretty and classy.

Jewellery Mehndi Designs

Image Source: Henna By Shifa

4. Bridal Mehendi Designs That You Must Pin Down

How about this one that has replaced the idea of a traditional haath phool and we are loving the unique and trendy mehendi design.

minimalistic mehendi designsImage Source: Henna By Nayalesh

Look out for some bridal mehendi jewellery ideas that are not flowers.

For those who always want to keep it minimalistic and simple, this one is just the perfect option for you.

minimal mehandi designs

Image Source: Henna By Shebin

5. Some Pretty And Gorgeous Geometric Hand Mehendi Designs

This one is surely our favorite and we think this is the mehendi imitation of one of those Rajasthani jewelleries.

bridal mehendi designs

Image Source: Rehash Henna

These pretty handcuffs like mehndi designs are surely the next pick for the upcoming wedding and we absolutely adore it.

unique mehendi ideas

Image Source: Mehk Designs

Non-floral haath phool ideas every bride must pin down.

6. Feet Mehendi Jewellery Designs That You Will Love

Don’t you just love this feet mehendi design which is the perfect replacement for a payal and we are totally head over heels in love with it.

bridal feet mehendiImage Source: Cinnamon Strokes

Pin down these stunning bridal feet mehendi designs for upcoming weddings.

7. Bookmark These Unique Mehndi Jewellery Designs For Trendsetter Bridal Looks

Well, with a bracelet like mehendi design and one statement ring, this bridal mehandi has our heart and is just the perfect pick for bridesmaids.

simple mehendi ideas

Image Source: Mehsooq Henna

A traditional henna design that we absolutely adore and they are surely adding more charm to the details of mehendi.

jewellery henna designs

Image Source: Henna By Nayalesh

These chain like designs are our favorite and we are huge suckers for such pretty floral mehendi designs.

bridal mehendi trends

Image Source: Mehsooq Henna

8. Hand Accessories You Can Make Out From These Stunning Bridal Mehndi Designs

These surely look like some bracelets or hand harnesses and are the new designs for your one in a million wedding look.

mehendi designs

Image Source: Rehash Henna

mehendi jewellery designs

Image Source: Fathysh Mehandi

Steal ideas and inspirations from these jewellery mehendi designs which are perfect for both brides and bridesmaids.

bridal henna ideas

Image Source: De Green Henna

If you have always been a fan of simple and minimalistic mehendi designs.

Well, we hope these mehendi ideas were of some help to you and that you will surely include these in your upcoming wedding ceremonies. Whether minimal or OTT, we have got you with options for every kind and we are so not getting over these trending yet classy designs anytime soon. So, pin down your favorite ones right away.

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