Usually brides forget to pay attention to hand accessories or they directly go for floral haathphools or non-floral haathphools. Hathphools have always been a big favorite with brides-to-be and bridesmaids, so here we bring to you some very unique and pretty non-floral haathphool designs.  These will surely woo you away and you will not be able to resist yourself after having a look at these stunning non-floral haathphool!

Be it bridesmaids or brides, everyone can rock this gorgeous yet charming piece of jewelry and make a statement! You can also incorporate it with your Indo-Western outfits or wear it only in one hand. We can’t stop drooling over these haathphool designs and they are going to leave you stunned too!

 Bookmark these non-floral haathphool designs and let your hands do the talking –

1. This non-floral haathphool design for the minimal brides!

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Outhouse Jewellery


Image Source: Noorah By Juhi

2. Crushing over this beauty with ghungroos and beads!

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Rabta By Rahul

3. How about this one with two strings and pretty flowers?

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Mortantra

4. Oh we aren’t getting over this unique design anytime soon!

Haathphool and rings in one? Lovely!

bridal accessories

Image Source: Mortantra

5. We lost our heart to this stunning non-floral haathphool with bangles!


Image Source: Dhanika Choksi Photography

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6. Kaabia Grewal’s shell haathphool is one to be adored! 

kaabia grewal haathphool

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7. Gottapatti haathphools are beauties! Don’t you agree?

gotta haathphool

Image Source: Plush Affairs

8. Oh so gorgeous!

This non-floral haathphool with strings and kundan statement rings bowled us!

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

9. Not so traditional ones, yet beautiful!

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Anita Dongre

10. One with fusion of kundan and strings.

kundan haathphool

Image Source: Soranam By Sonia Malhotra

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Beginnngs For You

11. For brides who don’t wish to go OTT and be simple!

haathphooll ideas

Image Source: Oragraphy


Image Source: Raniwala

12. This non-floral haathphool design with diamonds is woow.

haathphool design

Image Source: Zaaria Patni

13. Rock your attire with these gorgeous non-floral haathphool designs!

 Drool over these stunning haathphools with beads and kundan !



Image Source: Prerto

14. How about wearing this minimal design haathphool for a cocktail ceremony!

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Prerto

15. Yes, we are already craving for these elegant haathphools!

haathphool design

Image Source: Purab Paschim

16. How about having different designs for both hands?

Non-floral haathphool

Image Source: Beginnings For You

17. These colorful non-floral haathphool for mehendi is a must-have!


Image Source: Shutterdown Photography

We are sure that if you weren’t planning to wear any hand accessories or haathphools, you are surely going shopping now after having a look at these stunning non-floral haathphool designs! 

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