Planning wedding party games can be thrilling and exciting at the same time. Sure drinking and dancing is important to make it a memorable affair for your guests. However, if you wish to deliver an enjoyable experience to the guests who come to your wedding, you must take a look at the games that are available for playing. These wedding games will make everyone enthusiastic about attending your wedding and why not.

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Here is a list of 6 fun wedding party games that you include in your itinerary to entertain your guests with:

1. The Last Man Standing 

You can ask all the guests at the wedding to stand up on their seats and then read random statements aloud. For example, you can tell, “If you have never travelled to the UK, you can sit down” or “If you have never lied to your partner, you can sit down”. Likewise, you should create a list of random questions and see who the last man standing is. He can then be provided with the winning gift. You should pick appropriate questions after analyzing the audience gathered at the wedding. Well, this can end up making the wedding party games exciting for everyone. 

2. How Well Do We Know The Couple? 

This is a game that the couple can follow in order to blend perfectly well with all the guests who are present at the wedding. The game will be about testing how well the guests know about the couple. You need to write down a list of fun questions, which will help the guests to determine how familiar they are with the couple. Based on the answers, you will be surprised to see how the guests are familiar with their relationship with you. You can also provide a small gift to the winner. 

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3. Wedding Party Games About Marriage Advice For Couple

Marriage advice games are quite popular among wedding day celebrations. In this game, all the guests will be asked to fill in blanks for a question. The question would be the best advice that a guest can provide to the couple. It would be best if you were giving the same question to all the guests who are present at the event. You will be able to double up the excitement associated with this game by getting the bridal party to pick the funniest advice. Likewise, you can also think about picking the most lovable advice out of them as well. Well, you are guaranteed to have a good laugh by taking a look at the answers that your guests have written.

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4. Fill In The Blanks

This game is quite similar to the previous one. However, you will be given different questions to a different table. You can come up with a set of small booklets, which contain questions related to the couple. For example, you can ask the guests some simple, but related questions, such as the name that you should give to the dog, the name you should give to the first child and what you should do on the date nights. The questions that you ask should be completely random and funny. Then you can encourage the guests to fill in answers to those questions. In order to make the game entertaining, you need to make sure that you have included different questions for different tables.

5. Crossword Puzzle 

You can create a crossword puzzle with information related to your relationship. You can also think about including trivia such as favourite ice cream of the bride and birthday month of the groom. Just include some random questions, where the guests can easily guess the answers. In order to make the crossword puzzle easy for the guests, you can provide some hints at the bottom of it. Then you can ask all the guests to work on the crossword puzzle and solve it. The fastest person or the fastest table that completes the crossword puzzle will be able to walk away with a reward. This can also be considered as an excellent game that you can try in order to allow the guests to bond with each other.

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Also, add these interesting games in your list of wedding party entertainment.

6. Guess The Person 

This is another popular wedding party game that you can often find at weddings. However, all the guests will not be able to take part in the game. Only a selected number of volunteers will be able to participate in the game. It would be best if you blindfold the participants. It would be best if you first blindfold the groom. Then you should ask him to touch an arm of one of the volunteers, including the bride, and ask who it is. You can get the bride and groom to provide correct answers as much as possible. Then you can take a look at the other guests and repeat the same. It will be a game filled with fun, anticipation, and excitement. 

blindfold game

When you’re searching for how to pick the right wedding entertainment, you must start with what you want. What will be your theme for the evening? Are you going traditional or contemporary? Do you want a brand that is full of fun and entertainment? Hiring a good wedding entertainment company is important. Visit Evengo, they can customize their packages to match your specific needs and help you find something tailor-made for your special day.

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