‘Indian Matchmaking’ from Netflix has gained tremendous popularity and not only the show but the very famous and real-life matchmaker ‘Sima from Mumbai’ is what everyone has been talking about. Sima Taparia is a marriage broker who is engaged by families from India and across Atlantic to find suitable matches for their kids. 

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 Indian Matchmaking is a reality show created by Oscar-nominated director Smriti Mundhra, an Indian-American filmmaker. The series shows how arranged marriages have been taking place for Indian couples and how Sima makes sure that the couple is compatible. The series has been subject to a lot of criticism as it shows that in arranged marriages parents and prospective couples have peculiar choices and demands based on caste, height, skin colour, education and ambitions. For example, Akshay’s mother specifically asks Sima to find her a girl above 5’3.

The show features all kinds of couples and each of their stories is very different. We love how Sima Taparia from Mumbai tackles each of them and gives her 100% in finding a suitable match for all.

Check Out How Netflix Series ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Has Predicted The Truth Of Arranged Marriages –

1. Oh Yes, The Girl Has To be Flexible, Right?

Indian Matchmaking

2. Every Matchmaker When The Rishta Goes Down The Drain

arranged marriages

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3. For All Those Mama’s Boys Out There

netflix series

4. The Truth Has Been Spoken By Our Sima Aunty

arranged marriages

5. Do We Really Have To Take Insurance Before Marriage?

Indian Matchmaking

6. Why? Because Girls Are Meant To Take Care Of Boys?

netflix series

7. Every Indian Girl’s Story Post The Age Of 25

arranged marriage myths

8. Is It A Marriage Or A Business Proposition?

arranged marriages

9. Why? Because This Is What We Are Supposed To Do?

netflix indian matchmaking

10. Say What? Why Doesn’t It Matter?

sima taparia mumbaiIn case you are looking for auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021.

To conclude, Indian Matchmaking is really what arranged marriages are like and shows the greyer shades of Indian society. Sima from Mumbai, the great matchmaker literally has shown us the true reality of arranged marriages and Indian weddings. Some bits are hilarious and some are shocking.  The show has literally explained to us that your parents and your community have a larger role to play than you yourself while choosing a life partner in arranged marriages.

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