We are not sure when we are going to head to a salon, so why not try these methods for hair removal at home. We assure you they are the safest and the easiest and won’t even take much of your time. We understand how irritating it is to see your eyebrows and upper lips growing in a haphazard manner. Well, quarantine has made us do a lot of things that we thought we would never do, so why not try this too.

hair removal at home

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If you think it is going to be really tough then you are mistaken, so just relax and sit back while we give you all the safest ways for easy hair removal at home. Be careful while you are removing because one wrong pluck and your shape is destroyed. Note down methods that we pinned down especially for you.

Bookmark These Methods For Safe And Easy Hair Removal At Home –

1. Tweezing 

Yes, some of you might not know how to tweeze your eyebrows and give them a proper shape. But you can easily learn it from youtube tutorials and it is said that tweezing your eyebrows is far better than shaving or waxing them.


2. Hair Removal From Upper Lips

As we all know that it is a very sensitive area, beauticians have always recommended to use a face razor. It is not harmful at all and you will feel that your skin is as smooth as ever. Just be sure that you know how to use a razor.

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3. Another Way For Hair Removal At Home Is Threading

Pick a polyester or a thin cotton thread while threading your eyebrows. Unlike tweezing it removes a particular row of extra hair and you can thread your upper lips too. But as said before, you can easily learn it from tutorials available on youtube.

Hair Removal At Home

4. Shaving Your Body Hair

Shaving results are extremely temporary and will only last a few days. Also, never opt shaving for your face because the hair growth might be hard and it is not considered good. Before shaving, always make a good lather with foam and shave in one direction only.

You can also try electric shaving, it gives you no cuts and is long lasting too. But make sure you invest in a good electric shaver and you must oil it regularly to ensure its efficiency.

hair removal remedies

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5. Epilators

Epilators remove the hair from roots and gives you a super smooth skin. Similar to waxing, it lasts for a long time but sometimes causes irritation and itching. For first timers, these can be painful but eventually you will get used to it.

epilators for hair removal

6. Depilatory Creams

These are affordable and easy to use and these creams barely hurt while removing your hair. You just have to smooth the cream on your skin and not rub it, after some time you will see that your hair is automatically leaving the skin. Follow the rules and do not leave the cream on your skin for longer than recommended.

Hair Removal At Home

7. Last But Not The Least, Waxing

If you cannot buy a box of wax during lockdown, follow these steps to make your own wax at home –

A) Take 2 cups of granulated sugar, 1/4th cup lemon juice and 2 tbsp water. 

B) Melt all ingredients together and stir it to combine the ingredients.

C)  Allow the mixture to continue boiling until it looks like honey, and that is it.

Waxing is highly efficient and inexpensive and gives the best result in hair removal.

Hair Removal At Home

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We hope you were able to find a solution for hair removal at home with these easy and safe methods. Make sure you follow the instructions while doing so and you don’t hurt or harm your skin. Let us know in the comments section below if you tried and got amazing results because we sure did.

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