Wedding planner cost may seem to you like an added expense but trust us, that’s the best decision you may take while planning your wedding. A wedding planner can be a lifesaver for millennial couples, ensuring that your big day comes out to be just as you thought and maybe even better. As an industry expert, they can also provide you with countless wedding planning recommendations and tips that too at the best possible rates. Thus, helping you save money instead of exceeding your wedding budget. 

Know that wedding planning is not a one size fits all service. So, a wedding planner will make sure to make arrangements within your budget based on your preferences and needs. A wedding planner’s cost generally depends on your wedding size, location, and the amount of service provided. 

Check out our complete guide to understand how much a wedding planner costs and why they are worth hiring in your budget.

What Does A Wedding Planner Actually Do?

A Wedding planner provides 360-degree solutions from wedding planning research and consultation to design and execution including venue, food, accommodation, and even airport pickups and transfer. So, he/she is mostly responsible for everything, no matter how big or small the arrangement is. Generally, wedding planner costs include the following key role responsibilities:

There are several types of wedding planners, including full-time and part-time wedding planners, coordinators and consultants. Such wedding planners vary in their responsibilities and pricing structure, so you can accordingly hire one that fits your needs and budget.

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Check out the ultimate wedding planning checklist for your big day.

Wedding Planner VS Wedding Coordinator

Wedding planners often dedicate hundreds of hours to plan a wedding perfectly. They consult with the couple about their preferences, needs, and how they want their wedding to look like. Full-time wedding planners might attend meetings without you and can even make decisions on your behalf to make the wedding planning process hassle-free for you. 

Whereas wedding day coordinators gather all the details planned by the couple and then set them in motion on and around the wedding day. They act as the POC for vendors and guests that have questions during the final stages of the wedding.

Consider these smart wedding planning tips for the working brides-to-be.

So How Much A Wedding Planner Costs?

So, wedding planners cost anywhere between INR 50K to INR 6+ Lakh, depending on the years of expertise in the field and the type of wedding that needs to be planned. It also depends on the budget or the scale of the wedding, the destination/venue chosen. Typically, they charge between 10- 20 percent of your total budget, depending upon the services required, role and responsibilities, size of the gathering, etc.

Wedding Planning Cost

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A destination wedding can give rise to additional expenses if the wedding planning team is traveling along. A lot of wedding planners also offer ‘consultation services’ about venues, hotels, locations, and reliable vendors for a nominal cost starting at INR 10-15 K so you can go ahead and plan yourselves, but with valuable inputs. 

Take notes of the questions you must ask a wedding planner before booking.

Factors That Affect Wedding Planning Cost

  • Planning a wedding in big metropolitan cities is usually costlier than planning it at a hill station or within a smaller district or a city. 
  • If you don’t have much time left to plan your wedding, the price may increase as the planners will have to work for long hours to meet your schedule.

If you are struggling to hire a wedding planner or not, know that he/she may help you save your money through professional discounts, and their expertise may help you avoid expensive mistakes.

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We at ShaadiWish understand the same and hence offer personalized wedding services within your budget. Focus on enjoying your wedding as you leave all the wedding planning stress to us. 

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