Jon Snow may know nothing but if you are a bride-to-be, you must know everything about the wedding day emergency kit. Though every bride dreams of a perfect fairytale wedding, it’s almost impossible for things to happen just as planned. And, no matter how much you plan and how detailed your preparations are, wedding day mishaps are bound to happen. And, while you can’t predict what might go wrong, you can certainly be prepared to handle whatever comes your way with a bridal emergency kit.

While you already have so many things on your plate to manage before your wedding, you can opt for a pre-organised wedding day emergency kits available in markets. Or you can also ask your bridesmaids, your mother or your sibling to help you prepare one. After all, it will be one of them to keep this kit handy on the day of the wedding. So it’s practical and fair enough for them to know exactly what’s within and why.

So, here’s an ultimate wedding day emergency kit checklist for every bride-to-be:

1. Take Care Of Your Health And Hygiene!

In between all the wedding planning stress and late night pre-wedding celebrations, headaches and undergoing body pain is quite normal. Therefore, it’s a good idea to carry around some pain relievers in case your or someone in your squad, as well is feeling a little under the weather. Band-Aids are good to have, too, in case your bridal shoes are causing blisters or are uncomfortable to wear. Check out the complete health-related wedding day emergency kit essentials here:

wedding day emergency kit

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2. Hair And Makeup Touch Ups Are Necessary!

A bride needs to be all picture ready throughout her wedding. After all, there are plenty of photographers and guests capturing her every time. Be it while performing different wedding rituals, hugging friends and family, or physical reasons like your hair getting stuck to the face via sweat or tears, you’re definitely going to want something to keep every hair and makeup flawlessly in place. So, don’t forget to keep the below mentioned things handy in your wedding day emergency kit.

wedding day emergency kit3. Wardrobe Essentials In Case Of Emergency

The wedding day emergency kit will instantly save you if you come across any embarrassing tears, or find any loose threads. Safety pins are important for keeping everything in place as it should be- from ill-fitting dresses to undesirable undergarment appearances.

wedding day emergency kit4. Don’t Forget To Pack Your Mini Hunger Kit

With never-ending wedding rituals and hundreds of guests to greet, you won’t get much time to eat. Avoid dizziness, light-headedness, or nausea by making sure you’re munching on energy giving, non-staining small bites like nuts or protein bars. Also, don’t forget to keep water bottles handy as staying hydrated is important to keep your makeup on point and of course to retain your bridal glow!

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