The date is fixed and you are getting married. Congratulations! Like, everyone else you also want things to move as smoothly as possible during the course of the wedding planning process. And while you won’t get perfection in everything, there are some things you can avoid to have a hassle-free customary wedding routine, learning from other people’s experiences.
Here are some very real mistakes that a bride may land up making, so try to steer clear from some of these major bloopers.

Check out mistakes every bride make:

1. Blowing Your Fashion Budget On Your Wedding Outfit!

We know you’ve dreamed of that perfect lehenga forever but now isn’t the time to lose focus and only think about that one attire. You need to also account for other items like the bridal trousseau, attire for other functions, shoes, jewellery, lingerie, makeup etc.

2. Being Too Hard On Yourself To Lose Some Extra Kilos!

We agree it is supposed to be a very big and more than special moment of your life and you want to look adept, but getting obsessed with looking a certain way will only add more stress. Instead of doing everything everyday, find out what works the best for your body and get fit, not thin.

3. Ordering Your Wedding Outfit Too Soon Or Too Late!

Make sure to think about the ideal time to order the outfit. Ordering way in advance may not be the best idea if you are trying to lose weight or gain. Either way you can’t delay too much so as to avoid any last minute hiccups of alterations and fittings. Make sure to keep the excitement at bay and be sensible about this.

4. Starting Everything Before Making The Wedding Guest List!

Even before booking your venue, you should have the exact number of people you will be inviting to the wedding. Get their RSVP if possible. This is a pre-step before hiring a wedding vendors. Don’t just give out approx. numbers to the venue vendors as they will be preparing everything according to your estimation.
mistakes brides make

5. Booking A Wedding Vendor Too Quickly!

As soon as you get engaged, here are the top ten things you need to do. From figuring out the guest list to working out the larger venue, whether destination or local. There is a lot that needs to happen before you go ahead book ANY vendor. Get a wedding planner onboard once you have a little idea about what you are looking for and don’t forget to ask these questions!

6. Trying To Do Everything On Your Own!

Okay we agree it is the era of personalization but wanting to try your hand at everything will make a bigger mess. You can lend your vision to the related artists but make sure to have a coordinator to make the process easy for you.

7. Not Doing Proper Research About The Vendors!

Hiring the vendors suggested by your friends or relatives is a big question mark. Even if everything went well at their wedding doesn’t mean it will turn out the same at yours too. Due diligence is important. Go ahead and click on the links to know what questions to ask the venue co-ordinator, Makeup artist, Caterer, Photographer before you finalize any of these important vendors.

8. Not Having A Trial Makeup Session!

This isn’t just to check the adeptness of the makeup artist, it’s to actually see if you are comfortable in the makeup and if it suits you. You don’t want to make peace on the final day without having an idea about what it would actually look like. It could affect your confidence and bother you, if you are not used to it.
mistakes brides make

9. Getting Everyone’s Opinions!

This is your day so have it your way. Asking too many people about their opinion on your wedding dress, hairstyle, venue, menu card etc is way too much. Their likes and your likes will obviously differ and that may lead to unnecessary chaos. Go with your instinct and listen to advice but don’t get carried away.

10. Trying To Please Everyone!

We agree you have to keep everyone’s favourite thing in consideration but if you are trying to please each and everyone then you are causing more trouble to your already well thought plan and the only person left out will be you. Learn to say NO and don’t make false promises to your guests. Remember, it’s your day. 

11. Washing Your Hair On The Day Of Your Wedding!

You’d wonder why we say this. The reason being, you may have unmanageable hair on the big day. Either too frizzy or too silky. This may cause the hair stylist a hard time to set your hair. So make sure to just use a dry shampoo if you have oily hair. Otherwise, let the hair stylist do the job.

12. Spending Too Much Time On One Thing!

You have a lot of things to manage and to complete so don’t spend too much time on one thing. Fix a day for everything. From shopping for bridal essentials to meeting vendors. Take the leap of faith and close things, not leaving anything for last minute. Spending time on one thing can also increase your budget, so do things methodically.
mistakes brides make

13. Not Carrying A Bridal Emergency Kit!

You need to be equipped with all the emergency essentials and have that at your disposal. Don’t think that if your stylist has pinned all you hair tightly then you don’t need to worry about your hair locks falling off out of the braid all over your face. You could even have a wardrobe malfunction in the midst of all the activities. From safety pins, band aids to tissue papers. You need the stuff.

14. Sending Out Your Invitations Late!

Don’t make it a last thing on your wedding list to complete. You would be jeopardizing everything you have done. Send the invites at least 5-6 months before as it is a crucial step to be done before you spend big bucks on that spacious royal venue. It would also help them in advance to prepare themselves and you would also get their RSVP before.

15. Trying To Pull Off A Certain Celebrity’s Look!

Ape your favorite looks from popular stars in a sensible way. You cannot try to achieve the same look by copying everything. After all, you are different and you need to look special in your own way. Do not get carried away by what you see, instead establish something that is unique to your own style.

16. Sacrificing Comfort For Glamour!

Yes we know how magnificent those high heels look but if you have never walked in high heels before, your wedding isn’t the day you start. Go for wedges or block heels if you are trying to get that extra height. It’s going to be a long day and you want to make sure you are comfortable and not in pain.
mistakes brides make

17. Not Allocating Maximum Costs To Items In Your Budget!

This is a helpful tactic to figure out what is the maximum you will spend on a certain section. It is but obvious that you will spend at least 25% over your budget. So why not keep a upper cap so you know that you need to find something within that to dispense your money in a systematic manner. Write it all down and stick to it.

18. Waxing A Day Before The Wedding!

Finish with the beauty sessions at least 4 days in advance. You may want to resonate polished skin, but trust us it may lead to worse hazards like redness in the skin, acnes, pimples and reactions that you didn’t expect. So get, prepped up in time. You also don’t want to be rushing at the last minute, instead of spending some quality time with family. 

19. Starting Your Hair And Makeup Too Late On The Wedding Day!

You might assume that the makeup and hair would stay in place if you do it right before arriving at the mandap but not really. Start on time, because through the process, you may want to change something or redo something and you need time for such contingencies. Just get a touch up right before leaving.

20. Buying Jewellery Before The Lehenga!

You would be wasting time and money if you would buy your jewellery before you buy your lehenga. What if the jewellery you have bought impulsively doesn’t match anything from your trousseau? Don’t make this blunder. The best way is to buy your wedding trousseau before along with a picture of the lehenga in your while buying jewellery.
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