When you have a checklist for your wedding, then why not a honeymoon packing list also? Honeymoon is your time to relax, after your wedding. Everyone has a wedding planning checklist, so why not prepare a honeymoon packing checklist?

A lot of couples believe that getting ready for honeymoon can be tricky amidst the craziness of wedding preparation, so usually the packing task for the honeymoon is saved for the very last minute. Sometimes you miss out on the essentials if you pack at the very last moment.

For the honeymoon, you would want to take all your essentials without the fear of overpacking. So what exactly should go in those honeymoon bags? Whether you are frolicking on the beaches of Maldives or enjoying the snow in Switzerland or partying it out in Las Vegas, we have the ultimate honeymoon packing list that has got you covered, without the extra stress.

honeymoon planning list

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The Only Honeymoon Packing List you need for Smart and Organised Packing

honeymoon packing checklist

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The Travel Essentials

While travelling there are some extremely important items to carry, so start packing those first. Here is a list of those items you need to start ticking off:

Basics and Important Documents

  1. A small backpack (This can also be your carry on bag)
  2. Plane tickets/ confirmation numbers
  3. Passport and Visas
  4. Drivers Licenses
  5. Credit Cards
  6. Hotel Reservations and Confirmations
  7. Small wallet to fit in your pocket
  8. Travel Insurance
  9. List of emergency contact details
  10. Photocopies of all important documents to be stored in a separate bag
  11. Emergency cash and traveler’s checks
  12. Guidebook (if any)

 Toiletries and Medicines

  1. Prescription medicines
  2. Small first-aid kit with band-aids, pain reliever sprays, motion sickness medicines and antacids.
  3. Hand Sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes
  4. Sunblock
  5. Feminine hygiene products
  6. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  7. Shampoo and Conditioner
  8. Body-wash
  9. Face wash and make-up remover
  10. Other skin care lotions and cream
  11. Hair styling products and hair ties
  12. Hair brush or comb
  13. Shaving cream and razors
  14. Hair trimmer
  15. Cotton swabs, dental floss and nail file
  16. Tweezers
  17. Glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, lens case and lens solution
  18. Contraception
  19. Makeup kit
  20. Perfumes and Deodorant

 Optional Items

  1. Electrical Universal Socket Plug
  2. Headphones
  3. Camera and its necessary accessories
  4. Magazines and Books
  5. Workout gear
  6. Other electronic devices like (laptop, Ipad) and their chargers
  7. Travel pillow
  8. Travel Umbrella

Clothing and Accessories

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Despite the destination there are some items that are essential for the bride and the groom to pack for their honeymoon.

For the Bride

  1. Pair of jeans
  2. Casual t-shirts and tanks
  3. Blouses and formal tops
  4. Light jacket
  5. Cardigan
  6. Shoes: closed-toe flats, sneakers, strappy sandals, heels and flip flops
  7. Dresses
  8. Skirts and shorts
  9. Evening dresses
  10. Swimsuit
  11. Sleepwear, underwear and lingerie
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Accessories like scarves, jewellery , watch
  14. Purse

For the Groom

  1. Pair of jeans and khakis
  2. Casual t-shirts and polos
  3. Formal shirts
  4. Light jacket
  5. Swimming trunks
  6. Belts, tie (if needed)
  7. Casual shoes, evening shoes, flip flops
  8. Socks, underwear
  9. Sleepwear
  10. Sunglasses

Extra Items Keeping In Mind The Destination

 Some items that need to go on your honeymoon packing list are decided according to the destination you two are flying off to and are essential accordingly. Whether it’s a beach or a mountain or an adventure in the jungles, you should be prepared.  Here are some extra thing you may not mind throwing in the bag.

For A Beach Holiday

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  1. Cover-ups and sarong
  2. Sandals and flip flops
  3. Caps and sun hats
  4. Aloe vera gel
  5. Beach towel
  6. Shorts
  7. Sunblock
  8. Tanning spray

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For A Mountain Holiday

honeymoon packing checklist

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  1. Heavy Jackets and sweaters
  2. Gloves and mittens
  3. Earmuffs and warm caps
  4. Thermal Layers
  5. Scarves and neck warmers
  6. Thick socks and boots
  7. Rich moisturiser and creams
  8. Lip balm

Adventure Holiday

  1. Bug spray and ointments
  2. Binoculars
  3. outdoor or  hiking wear
  4. Hiking boots
  5. Caps
  6. Charcoal tablets to purify water
  7. Essential maps
  8. Outdoor equipments like sleeping bags and tents

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Besides this, also keep an extra travel itinerary and photocopies of all your essential documents with a family member for contingency. Some experts also suggest that you should leave behind any expensive jewellery including your engagement ring if you are worried about losing it or getting it stolen.

This honeymoon packing list will make your life easy amidst  the chaos and celebration. So, take some time out and start checking off the list.

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