Paris, Switzerland, Bali, Bora-Bora, Thailand, Maldives and Singapore; these are beautiful and perfect honeymoon destinations. But, not every couple is looking for something mainstream. Why consider the obvious when the Earth has so much to offer? If you and your partner are looking for some offbeat honeymoon destinations for your first travel as a married couple, then you have come to the right place.

We have some amazing offbeat honeymoon destination options for all the couples who are tying the knot this year.

1. Hainan Island, China

Hainan Island is the southernmost point of China. This island has beautiful beaches, lush green rainforest and a lot of adventurous places. You can spend a romantic evening on the tropical beach or go on a hiking trail over the suspension bridge across the rainforest. Hainan Island is a hub of many luxury hotels which are perfect for couples looking for offbeat honeymoon destinations.

Best Time To Visit: November to April

What To Do:

  1. The Haikou Mangrove Forest is one unique place in Hainan that you must visit. Beauty of this place is something not even words can describe. You will find variety of birds and butterflies there.
  2. Yanoda Tropical Rain Forest Park is one famous place you will hear a lot when in Hainan. The meaning of its name is, “Welcome” and you will get lost in this beautiful park.
  3. Explore the oldest Qilou Street and do some shopping. You can collect souvenirs or enjoy a cup of coffee in cafes.

2. Vermont, USA

If you and your partner are fond of reading then, Vermont is one perfect honeymoon destination for you. Stay in a Victorian-style wooden cottage, surrounded by colourful trees and live the beautiful sceneries of your novel in real-life. Every season in this place is a different story. One can never get enough of Vermont.

Best Time To Visit: The fall foliage season is the best time to visit Vermont. It starts in September and lasts till October.

What To Do:

  1. If you are a dog lover, then do visit the Dog Chapel. The Chapel features dog designs, stained glass and many architectural features that you will love.
  2. Explore the Champlain’s majesty with a Lake Champlain Ferry trip across the lake to New York State.
  3. The Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a mesmerizing place if you want to look for owls, eagles, falcons, and other raptors.

3. Aspen, USA

Aspen is another beautiful honeymoon destination to visit. God painted Aspen in the most beautiful colours. It has everything that a couple could ever wish for. Enjoy the simultaneous beauty of snow covered mountains and the colourful valley in Maroon Bells. If you are here during winters then go for a skiing adventure. A balloon ride is must for all the summer couples.

Best Time To Visit: December to March

What To Do:

  1. If you are a nature lover, then Aspen is going to surprise you. The mountains are covered with snow and you will just end up clicking pictures as souvenirs.
  2. Athletes and ski lovers will enjoy their time in Aspen.

4. Cape Breton Island, Canada

If you are planning to drive and explore, then Cape Breton is the best honeymoon destination for you. Cabot Trail of Cape Breton Island is considered as one of the most beautiful coastline drives in the world. The best time to visit this place is during autumn as the red and orange leaves make this place very romantic.

Best Time To Visit: July to August

What To Do:

  1. The Cabot Trail is at a stretch of 300 km and a drive there is something you must experience when in Cape Breton. The scenic view will make you fall in love with nature.
  2. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is home to moose, beaver, deer, wild cats, duck, boreal birds, and eagles. You can even experience waterfalls on Cape Breton Island, Beulach Ban Falls near Ingonish and the smaller Mary Ann Falls.

5. Pucon, Chile

Pucon is a paradise for all the adventure junky couples. The surrounding terrain has lakes, beaches and forests. The stunning landscapes are something you will enjoy with your partner. Or you just enjoy the wildlife and fall in love with the place and make it a memorable visit.

Best Time To Visit: January to March

What To Do:

  1. You can hike to the top of Villarrica Volcano which is usually covered in light snow.
  2. This place is situated in the Lake District of Chile which is known for its beautiful white waters. The waves are great for rafting.
  3. This place also has geothermal baths which are perfect for couples.

6. Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is situated on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. It is home to some of the most beautiful cenotes. You can take some incredible couple photos here. Enjoy the ancient ruins of the Mayan civilisation and the thick jungles too. Tulum has some amazing resorts and hotels as well.

Best Time To Visit:  October to December

What To Do:

  1. Hang Out on Playa Paraiso- beaches of Tulum are an extraction. And, Playa Paraiso is a publicly accessible beach.
  2. A mud bath in lagoon is something you cannot miss.

7. Patagonia, South America

Patagonia is one of a kind. This place is shared by Argentina and Chile and is brimming with unique adventures. It is known as a hiker’s paradise, it has got some of the best trails and routes on earth.

Best Time To Visit: November to March

What To Do:

  1. You can go for whale watching or explore the biggest skeleton of the dinosaur.
  2. The other unconventional couple things that you can do includes stroll in the glaciers and penguin watching.
  3. If you are travelling in the autumn months, from April to June, then you can go for trekking. Patagonia is known for its mountains and meadow lands and couple who love adventure can go for trekking here.

8. Peru, South America

Peru is paradise on earth. One of the ‘seven wonders of the world’, Machu Picchu, is in this city. When you and your partner are done exploring this ancient citadel, you should head towards the rainbow mountains.

Best Time To Visit: April to August as it is dry season

What To Do:

  1. After witnessing the adventurous side of Peru, return to the city for a cultural dip.
  2. Explore an era old temples and walls which are all packed up in picturesque surroundings.
  3. Must do a trek on Inca Trail Trek for a beautiful view of mountains and landscapes.

Planning a honeymoon to Peru, read what the experts from Peru have to say.

9. Madagascar, Africa

If you and your better half love to explore the wildlife, then there can be no place better than Madagascar for your honeymoon. The exotic Madagascar has some of the most luxurious resorts as well.

Best Time To Visit: April to mid December

What To Do:

  1. Experience the grandeur of Baobabs trees. The flora and fauna that you will find in Madagascar is not seen anywhere in the rest of the world.
  2. Head straight to Antananarivo, former French colony, to enjoy the rich history, culture and architecture.

10. Bodrum, Turkey

Kick-start your honeymoon with some champagne on a day boat trip in the clear blue waters of the Bodrum peninsula and then head straight for a Turkish bath to relax. This place is a heaven for those couples who are big foodies. Grab a kebab and enjoy a very different side of Europe.

Best Time To Visit: April to May, September to October

What To Do:

  1. Day boat trips are must when you are in Bodrum peninsula. Go to a local boat harbour before 10am or after 6 pm where you will find smaller and independent boats.
  2. Turkish bath, Hamam is very famous there and many hotels provide spa services for it. Also, if you want there are independent Turkish Baths Bodrum Hamam that can you can visit.
  3. Bodrum Castle is one place that you must visit. It is in the centre of the Bodrum Bay.
  4. Turkish coffee is one thing that you must try if you are coffee person.

These offbeat honeymoon destinations are for those couples who believe in doing things in a different way. Enjoy your honeymoon!

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