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Weddings these days are a hectic affair, we all agree! The planning starts the day you and your beau decide to tie the knot and it ends much after your happily married moment arrives! It’s safe to say that it’s like a whole project in itself. Besides the madness that comes with it in terms of planning, let’s talk about the exciting type of planning that also comes along. The Honeymoon.
It’s definitely that one trip you don’t mind spending hours talking about! So, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are planning one!

1. The Honeymoon is the starting of your journey together, ease in slowly.

Embrace the fact that you just got married to the love of your life, soak it in fully and after a few days of “being married” go for your Honeymoon! It’s just the beginning and you need to take time to imbibe this whole feeling. Don’t try to rush it all in by leaving the very next day of your shaadi.

2. The only right way to pick the type of holiday is an open discussion with your partner first!

Sure, it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you go together. But, a honeymoon doesn’t happen again. Understand what your partner wants and be open minded about it. Once you’ve figured whether you want a romantic or an adventurous one, hot or cold, quiet or a party vibe, picking a destination is much easier!
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3. Let’s talk about the money, honey!

Besides the other holidays that you have mentally lined up ahead when your are looking to travel, the budgets for a Honeymoon is always more premium. Talking about budgets can actually help you pick out a destination and allocate resources too. You may actually get a seven star property by just pushing your budget a tad bit more. So, don’t hold back. Give your better half the vacation of a lifetime.

4. Once you’ve picked out the type of place and the budgets are streamlined, don’t hesitate going to an expert!

Do your bit of internet research like visit popular websites, read user reviews. Feel the vibe of a certain place that you are keen on going to through visuals, but make sure to get a reality check and confirmation on that place after talking to someone who is in the business. You may be able to get something more out of the same plan and that’ll only make you satisfied about your choice!
honeymoon checklist

5. What to book and what not to book?

Once, you have finalised the place, it’s time to book tickets and block the hotels too. Try to create a customised package with the help of an expert so that you don’t land up doing something you both don’t want. You’ll be able to avoid any unnecessary premiums on bookings that way! Pre-book a few tours that are always hard to find at the last minute but make sure to get inputs from the locales there.

6. Honeymoons are about relaxation, pampering and a lot of romance!

We know you’d love to go explore the city but make sure to indulge in spa treatments, nice meals, comfortable hotel beds and a lot of rejuvenation after that hectic wedding. Even if you’ve known your partner for way long before the wedding, a little extra romance on the honeymoon just makes sense, no? A special boat ride at midnight or some honeymoon couple photography?
honeymoon checklist

7. Go with a plan that is almost fixed but keep room for some exciting stuff!

While you are there, though exploring new places seem like a good idea, sometimes it might turn into a nightmare if you land up at the wrong place. So make sure to look up some restaurants and read some reviews before you head out. Get more information about the local sight seeing, whether to know it’s worth it or not!

8. Do not try to fit in everything in this one trip!

You’ll constantly need breaks through life, so save some of later too? The worst mistake to make is combining all types of activities into one plan. The honeymoon isn’t about retail therapy or sightseeing all day. Neither is it about just lying down on the beach without exploring the other sides of the city too. Make sure you find a balance.
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9. Everybody has their own tastes, choices and plans, don’t try to ape someone else’s plans!

You may have seen pictures on social media of a recently married couple on their honeymoon and wanted to do the same. But let’s not forget that their experiences may be different than yours for the simple reason that every couple is individualistic and enjoys doing different type of things together. Plan yours the way you like! You may like an all inclusive resort in the outskirts whereas another couple may want to live in a boutique hotel in the heart of the city!

10. Pick a place that doesn’t require you to travel for more than a couple of hours if you have time constraints!

You’re already tired, you definitely don’t want to travel 36 hours to reach a destination and then spend another two days trying to recuperate from that travel? If you don’t have many days to spare, it’s best to choose a close by location. If you are the one going for a month, it would totally make sense to go further since you may not get this long a break again!
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11. Get more out of the fact that it’s your honeymoon!

Tell your airlines, hotel and local guides that it’s your special holiday and you may get pleasantly surprised by upgrades, extra special treats and unforgettable memories! Besides that, they may be able to suggest some more activities that you both may like!

12. Lastly, keep a separate Honeymoon checklist in mind to get everything in place!

Buy all the fancy bikinis and clothes you need, finish all the VISA details in time, pack smartly so you don’t overburden yourself. Download local apps that may help your language, directions and communication easy and the tiny other things that come with it. Make notes so you don’t miss out on anything! Buy local data chip plans, we suggest Matrix for its wide usage.
honeymoon checklist
Ankur Khanna is a travel designer who believes that every individual has a unique and special experience whenever they are travelling. His passion to curate these once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences is what Tristar Holidays reflects on. He has spent more than two decades in this space. Just one conversation with him and you’ll be dreaming about your next vacation.

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