Getting engaged is no less than winning a gold at the Olympics. We know that you have waited for a thousand years for this day to come. Your boyfriend, now fiancé, finally did it and now you are on cloud nine. That engagement ring that you are wearing right now is not just a symbol of your love but also a carrier of many emotions. If you think that what they show in the movies is exaggerated then, you’re up for some revelations. You’re going to scream and shout from the top of your roof to tell everyone how you feel. Here is what every girl goes through when she is engaged. On which stage are you?

1. The First Shock

No matter how steady your relationship has been, you will feel the butterflies in your stomach when your man will go down on his knee. That Tiffany box is actually in his hands but your brain is going to tell you that this is a dream. Girl, it is happening. So, get out of that shock and say yes to your man.

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2. The Second Shock

Now that you’re engaged, be ready for more shocks. The second shock comes the next morning when you look at your finger. There is a big rock engagement ring on your finger. There will be a little more jumping here too. This is the time when you finally accept that you’re actually engaged to be married.

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas

3. Calling the Mains

Irrespective of whether you’re an extrovert, ambivert or an introvert, you would want to call your friends and family members to share this amazing news with them. Your mains too have been eagerly waiting for this day to come. It’s time to make some calls.

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas

4. Telling the World

Now that your near and dear ones know, it’s time to share the news with the rest of the world. Some girls post a few emotional lines along with the picture of the couple to let everyone know that they are off the market. Some simply change their status from single to engaged and maintain the mystery.

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas
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5. Posing With The Diamond

We know that you’re in love with your engagement ring which is why we know exactly what’s going to happen next! There will be tons of special ring selfies which will go on your Instagram account. When you have got it, why not flaunt it?

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas

6. Telling The Special Story

Everyone around you is waiting to hear your proposal story. You will be telling the same story to a lot of people. Do you want to know the best part? You wouldn’t be tired of it.

7. Feeling The Change

Along with everything else, your relationship with your man will change too. Trust us, this is the best part. You will feel closer to him and he will be more committed to you. And, will become the center of his world. You two will start talking more in terms of ‘us’ and ‘we’ rather than ‘you’ and ‘I’.

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas

8. Getting To Work With Your Friends

Engagement leads to a wedding. You will start making plans for the big day. There will be Pinterest boards and a lot of wedding-related bookmarks. You will realise that planning a wedding is not as easy as it may seem. This would be the time when you will call in your troop. Their suggestions and inputs are very important. You need all the help that you can get. Pop open that bottle and get to work with your girls.

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas

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9. Spending Quality Time With Your Fiancé

This phase that you are in right now is special for both you and your fiancé. It’s time for you two to take everything in and just live in the moment. Going out on dinner dates would become a mandatory thing in some time.

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas

10. Spend Some Time With Your Mother-in-Law

It’s time you get used to all the incessant calls from your mother-in-law for shopping, market trips for tidbits. And, sometimes just to call you over for a coffee and chit chat session.

engagement, engagement ring, engagement ideas

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Being engaged is the best part. You are in a phase when you know that you are committed to the other person but don’t have to worry about the responsibilities of a married couple. It is the best time. You will have a lot of firsts and your love will grow during this time. Enjoy!

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