Dulhan ka bhai enjoys a very different kind of limelight at her sister’s wedding. While it is his sister’s day, you will find everyone calling him for one thing or another. While he doesn’t mind listening to his name more often than usual, there are a lot of things that go on his mind at this time. He is happy for his sister but a little perplexed too. It is difficult to understand the potpourri of emotions that he is having. So, let’s see what the bride’s brother actually thinks during this phase of life:

1. Oh! So many emotions

siddharth malhotra, hasee to phasee

If there is one person who is hit by the maximum species of emotions right now, it is no one but the bride’s brother. It takes him a while to realise what he is feeling. He’s happy, sad and a little confused too. The news of the upcoming wedding will take time to sink into his system.

2. There will be girls at the wedding

varun dhawan, main tera hero

Boys will be boys and first thing that comes to his mind is that there will be girls. He cannot stop imagining so many beautiful girls in the prettiest clothes. He starts dreaming how he will flirt with them. He might already be writing down all the pick-up lines.

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3. Party All NIGHT

ranveer singh, ramleela

For the residents of Mars, weddings are synonymous with party. There will be girls, drinks, good food and dancing. So the bride’s brother is ready to have some fun with his cousins and friends because he still doesn’t know that he won’t get any time for all this. Let him enjoy his fantasy till his bubble bursts.

4. There will be a lot of work

shah rukh khan, dilwale dulhania le jayenge

Now he is getting hold of the reality. It is his sister’s wedding which means that he will have a long ‘to-do’ list. He isn’t exactly ecstatic about it, he is still looking forward to it. He will get to play the big busy guy with lots of work on his shoulders.

5. I will get a new Bro

dil dhadakne do, ranveer singh, farhan akhtar

He is pretty excited that he will be getting a new brother to hang-out with. He will get to do the manly things that he couldn’t do with his sister. He is hoping to finally execute that infamous Goa plan with the help of his new bro.

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6. Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor?

Men love to shop too. The bride’s brother wants to look the best at his sister’s wedding. He likes Ranveer’s hairstyle but he also likes Ranbir’s bandhgala. He is so confused about the look he wants to carry for the D-day. He is freaking about what he would wear at the wedding.

7. I will be the new King

akshay kumar

With his sister moving to another home, he believes that he will be the new king. All the attention that the daughter has been getting will now be showered on the son. He will get the entire room, closet and probably the pampering too and he doesn’t mind!

8. Who will help me out with the girls?

ranbir kapoor, kalki koechline, yeh jawaani hai deewani

The one thing that he is absolutely devastated about it that he will lose his in-house relationship adviser. He knows that his personal life will be a chaos without his sister. He does not know what his girlfriend likes, her favourite colour or the movie. Who will handle all this when the sister is gone?

9. I cannot handle mom and dad without her

: ranveer singh, dil dhadakne do

He knows that he is not that responsible as his mom and dad wants him to be and he does screw up on a lot of occasions. With his sister moving to another house, he will have no one to share the blame or calm down the parents. He is actually scared about this.

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10. Midnight snack woes

ranveer singh, dil dhadakne do, priyanka chopra  

Since the beginning of the time, he has been pestering his sister for the midnight snacks. Without her, he will be stuck with the 2-minutes noodles forever. He will get hungry when the clock strikes 12 but now there will be his half-burnt toast and not the delicious snack made by his sister.

11. Solo movie marathon

mean girls

All siblings love their movie marathons. Popcorn, cold drinks and good movies at the comfort of the home is the best thing. After the wedding, everything will remain the same but there will be no one to share these moments with and he is very upset about that.

12. Is this all real?

aditya roy kapur

He is aware of everything that is happening around him yet; it is hard for him to accept that it is happening. With so many people in the house and his sister packing up his stuff, he keeps questioning himself if his overwhelming surroundings are for real or not.

13. It’s water not tears

ranveer singh, dil dhadakne do

The bride’s brother doesn’t want his favourite person to leave him which can bring tears to his eyes but it is difficult for him to let others see him cry. He is thinking about all the excuses that he will be making when he is caught shedding some tears.

14. It’s not home without her

sushant singh rajput He has always pulled her leg and annoyed her in every way possible but he knows that home is not home without her. He cannot let go of this thought and it is difficult for him to imagine a life in which he and his childhood partner doesn’t live under the same roof.

15. I hope she visits us often

david schwimmer, courteney cox, friends

He won’t say it out loud but he really hopes that his sister visits them as often as she can. While he is happy that she will be starting a new life with her husband, this does not change the fact that she will be terribly missed. He would love to have her around all the time.

Just like the colours of a rainbow, the relationship between a brother and a sister has many shades. They cry, they laugh, they make each other’s life difficult but they make sure that nobody else messes with their personal punching bag! These two might not say it often but we know that they share a love so deep and unique.

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