The beauty of the bond that a girl shares with her brother cannot be defined in words. He’s her first male friend, her mentor, her bodyguard and her ultimate go-to person whenever she needs anything. And when this special man of a girl’s life gets married, she undoubtedly is the happiest person in the world. Not just that! Along with that happiness, comes a plethora of exciting thoughts that find a place in her mind when her brother gets married. Here, check out all the things that a girl feels when her brother gets married!

1. Oh my God! I can’t believe the time has really come for such a big thing to happen in the family.

2. It’s shopping time and I’m in-charge of this task for the entire family!

3. In fact, not just shopping but I’m in-charge of the entire wedding planning task.

4. I’ve to ensure that the ladkewalas win the dance war at the sangeet.


5. Also, I need to train all our relatives so that we turn out to be the coolest baraatis ever!

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6. He’s gonna get a life partner and me a new BFF. Yippie, I’m so so so excited!

7. I’ve to look my best at all the functions.

8. I wonder if I’d end up blushing instead of getting irritated when relatives will tease me saying “agla number tera hai”!

9. I need to create a strategy to safeguard his shoes during the joota chupai rasam.

10. Teasing bhaiya all this while is going to be so much fun!

11. It feels like just yesterday when we used to pull each other’s hair and fight like kids on petty issues. And within no time, he’s grown up and so have I!

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