Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with our favorite pillars of strength, pampering stars and the person we loved annoying the most when we were growing up. Here are some gorgeous pictures that unfold the love between the brother and sister, beautifully highlighted on their special days!
Take a look and we can bet you won’t stop smiling!

1. When a bride has her brothers at her service, she doesn’t really need any bridesmaids.

bride, brothers, brother of the bride

Image Source: Preach Art on Instagram

2. The proud sisters pose with their darling brothers.

sargun mehta, sisters, indian groom, sister at brother's wedding

Image Source: Israni Photography on Instagram

genelia dsouza, nigel dsouza, groom, sister, brother's wedding

Image Source: Recall Pictures on Instagram

3. The brothers of the bride made her entry absolutely unique and fun!

bride, brothers, brothers of the bride

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik on Instagram

4. When you are surrounded with such a beautiful army, you can’t help but feel proud and loved!

Image Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

5. The love of the brothers lifting up the bride higher up in the air!

Image Source: Shades Photography on Instagram

6. You just cannot step away from expressing your excitement and have to indulge in some display of affection.

bride, brothers, brother of the bride

Image Source: Israni Photography on Instagram

Image Source: Picture Art Company on Instagram

7. The boys who have being adding color to your life from early on!

Image Source: Morvi Images on Instagram

8. Especially when they are color coordinated and in sync for your big moment.

Image Source: Brides of Sabyasachi on Instagram

9. Letting you trouble him and get revenge for the times he annoyed you!

Image Source: Picture Art Company on Instagram

10. Bringing you to the altar in the most meaningful manner however difficult it may be.

Image Source: WhatKnot Wedding Photography on Instagram

11. When they are posing for a delightful picture just to make you happy!

Image Source: Cool Bluez Photography on Instagram

12. Showering you with love, gifts and flowers, always!

Image Source: Picture Art Company on Instagram

13. Making huge announcements to the world about “who’s the boss” at the Wedding!

Image Source: Shutterdown Photography on Instagram

14. Just having each other by the side makes you feel more confident and have faith about whom to fall back on!

Image Source: Dipak Studios On Instagram

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