Having a husband is like having a boyfriend for life. Lie all you want but we know that you have imagined the blissful day when you will finally meet your husband a thousand times in your head. Don’t be shy, we all do that. We concoct various imaginary situations where we will just bump into him. Whether it is at the gym, the mall or a concert, we are always on the lookout for that someone special. There are so many things that you want to say to him, so much that you want to share. We know that you have certain demands and hopes and we are here to give your thoughts a shout-out. We know that you want to say the following things to your Dear Future Husband:

1. Dear Future Husband,

You should come and stop me from kissing the wrong frogs.

dear future husband, sonakshi sinha

2. Dear Future Husband,

I hope you are just as eager to meet me as I am.

dear future husband, parineeti chopra

3. Dear Future Husband,

I hope you are good at fashion advice because I will be relying on you for that.

dear future husband, ae dil hai mushkil

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4. Dear Future Husband,

You’ve to deal with my mood swings and cravings. Also, it’s not me, it’s PMS.

dear future husband, jab we met, kareena kapoor

5. Dear Future Husband,

I won’t mind letting you have the last bite of food if get the bigger share.

dear future husband, deepika padukone

6. Dear Future Husband,

Since we will be cooking together, let’s have matching aprons.

dear future husband, alia bhatt, farah ki daawat

7. Dear Future Husband,

I am sure that you would be cheering the loudest on my achievements.

dear future husband, ranveer singh

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8. Dear Future Husband,

I don’t want a huge mansion, a luxury car, expensive gifts or spiders. I hope you got the hint.

dear future husband, anushka sharma

9. Dear Future Husband,

You better be good at planning trips because we will be travelling a lot.

dear future husband, parineeti chopra

10. Dear Future Husband,

I can’t make round chapattis and I don’t expect the same from you.

dear future husband

11. Dear Future Husband,

I am going to be unapologetically myself around you. I hope you are prepared to handle that because I won’t mind accepting your rough edges.

dear future husband, deepika padukone, cocktail

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12. Dear Future Husband,

We will be equals. So, pull up your socks because you have to be just as awesome as I am.

dear future husband, alia bhatt

13. Dear Future Husband,

I am fine with carrying my luggage but I am not okay with carrying all the responsibilities alone.

dear future husband, diana penty, cocktail

14. Dear Future Husband,

You and I are going to be partners for life. You and I will be equals.

dear future husband, sonam kapoor

15. Dear Future Husband,

I know that you’re worth the wait.

dear future husband, jacqueline fernandez, chittiyan kalaiyaan

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We really hope that your wait ends soon and you find the one you have been waiting for such a long time. Girls, that day is just around the corner. So, put your game shoes on and tell your Dear Future Husband everything that he is expected to do. We can feel the level of your excitement! We are sure that you two will have an amazing life together.

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