The families have met, the dates are fixed and you can’t stop smiling about it. Yes, it’s finally happening! You’re getting married. Whether the proposal was ultra romantic or the parents played cupid, it doesn’t matter. There is excitement galore and also so much to do. Of course, the apprehensions of starting a new life with a new person is always there, but here are a few things that you only learn about once your “roka” happens!

1. You will take approximately 19034 pictures of your ring because everyone is going to see that new sparkler.

Shine, bright like a diamond. Manicures. Check. Selfie. Check.

2. Everyone asking the same 5 questions about your proposal, wedding plans and dates!

For the hundredth time again,”when did it happen?”, “when is the wedding?”  

3. You tell your proposal story so many times, it becomes a narrative masterpiece.

What? When? Where? You have become an expert and know how to set the scene, build up the suspense, and when to pause for laughs.

4. There is a whole new family that awaits your welcome. You become the new Chachi, Mami, Bhabhi.

Don’t freak out with all the introductions and the names that you need to remember.

5. Suddenly, you’ll be showered with an extra dose love and attention from your family.

The realization that you’re about to get married and leave, strikes hard.

6. You will experience all the ‘lasts’ as a single girl.

Last Diwali at home, last single birthday, last bachelorette trip. These things can be extra emotional.

7. You also have a new shopping partner!

We are talking about your mother-in-law. The frequent calls, the various shopping trips. Try not to get overwhelmed, instead embrace it.

8. Addressing your Significant Other as “fiance” feels weird.

But, enjoy this period. After all you only call him this before marriage!

9. The responsibility of not being single anymore!

Suddenly, you’ll be careful about your facebook posts, the conversations and get to hear about how things change as married women.

10. You become emotional really quickly, especially when the thought of leaving comes to you!

You do feel jittery about leaving home, but also super excited!

11. Within weeks of getting engaged, you will find a new-found love for social media even if you have never been that girl. You will soon join the Pinterest army!!

It’s alright, You deserve your dream wedding too, like any other girl.

12. Time will pass by quickly, in the midst of wedding planning.

Just make sure you give yourself some time to unwind and enjoy this phase too.  

13.Once you have a ring on your finger, the urge to try on wedding dresses becomes a high priority.

You will soon starting planning your weekend ahead so you can get your girl gang to help you select that perfect outfit!

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