Yes, a wedding is a super special time since it’s only going to come once in your!  And yes, it’s also a girl’s dream to look like the most gorgeous version of herself on this occasion. It is my dream as well, to be honest! The only difference is that the world seems to think that I’ll only be able to play the part if I lose twenty kilos!
I strongly disagree. I am beautiful and I am me. I am comfortable to be a fat bride. The truth is, I love food and I’ve always accepted my body, my physicality and everything I am— just the way God made me. The only time I have ever doubted myself is when people around me have forcibly made me realize that I am overweight. When I love myself, when my to-be-husband adores me just the way I am, why should the world intervene and make me feel otherwise?
And if that weren’t enough, here are some valid reasons why Iove being just who I am & how I am.

1. My weight doesn’t define me!

It’s just another physical detail as far as I am concerned. I am happy, alive, a lover of colours, a designer and defined by my love for my family and friends!
fat brides

2. My husband & I are attracted to each other’s souls!

We laugh, we are best friends and we can’t get enough of each other— just as we are.

3. There is absolutely nothing that I don’t look good in!

I was able to get every design I wanted in every fabric I had imagined and might I say, my wedding trousseau is that fitting of a Queen. I honestly believe that anything done with confidence and a good heart works, everything else is fluff.
fat brides

4. I am a happy & cheerful person!

You know what they say? Plump people are the happiest, and I’d agree with that. I’d never trade my happiness or peace of mind for a thinner body.

5. Losing weight for me will only happen for THESE reasons!

If it hinders my health or the well-being of my family. The rest doesn’t ring a bell!
fat brides

6. When souls connect, nothing else matters!

No weight or no person can come in the way of the amazing chemistry I have with the love of my life! Soulmates are beyond such things.

7. Everything that anyone says about the ideal weight right now is white noise!

I am ignoring those comments. I just can’t wait to get married and start my life with this amazing man. All that matters to both of us is the beautiful beginning of our lives enmeshed and that our families and friends can join us in this moment of togetherness, as we start this journey.
All I can say to every girl is—whatever you or the world perceives your weaknesses to be – leave them at that. Be yourself, be authentic. The right man will love you, the right friends will find you and your life will be beautiful. If you want to lose weight, don’t do it for a ceremony, do it for yourself. When you embrace the diva inside you and truly love yourself, there is no one who won’t. You will only know how to be a happy girl, and I promise you will be the happiest bride in the world!

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Contributed by a Guest.

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